Sacramento Teachers Continue to Strike; Still No Deal

Teachers in the City of Sacramento Unified School District continued to picket the City Council on Friday in an effort to negotiate a deal that would raise wages, provide better health benefits, and improve staff shortages.

The Sacramento City Teachers Association and Chapter 1021 of the International Union of Local Service Employees, the unions that represent the majority of SCUSD employees, failed to reach an agreement with the district last week. Following a recent round of COVID-related funding, both teachers’ unions and SCUSD employees say the district has more than enough resources to accommodate a pay rise. However, according to district officials, the extra funding received will not necessarily maintain a salary increase over time.

Superintendent Jorge Aguilar gives strike update

In one pre-recorded message posted on the district’s YouTube channel on Friday, Superintendent Jorge Aguilar gave an update on the district’s proposal to the SCTA.

“Despite our many offers to continue negotiations, SCTA has not yet responded to us with a counter-proposal to resume negotiations. Our negotiating team is ready; they are ready; they can negotiate throughout the weekend for our 40,000 students. “We need a counter-proposal to keep moving forward. The proposals the district has shared with SCTA are fair. The district’s proposal includes 100 health coverage for our employees and their families. They include unique bonuses, additional professional development, signature bonuses and a continuous salary increase combined with the unique bonuses and the continuous salary increase will be equivalent to almost 6% of the salaries of the employees for this year.

-Jorge Aguilar, Superintendent of SCUSD

Throughout the weekend, the district met with local SCTA and SEIU 1021 to negotiate the exposed claims. But despite their efforts, a consensus is still out of reach even though the district acknowledges that teachers are poorly paid well below market value.

Meanwhile, school staff continue to disagree with rising demands, despite staff shortages, lower wages and lower health benefits. Thus, the strike will continue until a resolution is complied with.

Negotiations between the unions and the District continue today and it is still unknown when the students will return to the classrooms.

All SCUSD schools closed

Approximately 4,600 teachers and school staff took picket lines on campuses across the District. According to the District, all SCUSD schools, sports and extracurricular activities are canceled due to the strike.

In the District’s e-mail sent to parents on Wednesday it said:

“We know that today has been an extremely difficult day for our community, particularly for our students who missed a day of learning and for our families who have had to look for alternatives to care for and supervise their children while managing schedules and other obligations “.

-Sacramento City Unified School District

Children must be at the forefront

Written words may not be enough for many families affected by the strike. Mother Shavaun Diallo stressed how difficult it was to navigate the closure of schools during the pandemic.

“If this strike was really for the betterment of children, I would like to see better preparations for those in need of childcare, work allocated for the time the children are out, consideration for their innocence and general concern for them. Our children have gone through a lot. Closing schools with the pandemic and adapting to change As a parent, it is very difficult to keep morale high and encourage them to make school a safe place and have fun while receiving education. Instead, it is becoming a political playing field. for them. I just wish the kids were better at it all. “


Huntington Learning Center

Meals to take and go

There are limited meals available at all schools as well Takeaway meals they are offered in nine places. In addition, 4º “R” daycare programs will continue to operate during “normal hours,” before and after school. The strike comes at a particularly difficult time for families due to high childcare costs and gas prices.

The Sacramento City Teachers Association

In the local SEIU 1021 websiteA notice was issued to the media on Thursday, March 24:

The Sacramento City Teachers Association was very clear about the steps needed to move forward:

  • SCUSD should accept the neutral researcher engagement recommendations. Last week, a researcher elected by both sides under the auspices of the California Public Employment Relations Board released his engagement recommendations that largely accepted SCTA solutions to address the staffing crisis: “It’s counter-intuitive to wait. that proposals to shift health care costs to employees, or freeze wages for several years, would help any employer hire and retain staff. ” SCUSD negotiators had made a written commitment to “follow the recommendation of the chair of the investigation panel as far as possible,” while at the same time disagreeing with the compromise report and continuing to demand concessions incompatible with the report.
  • The district should accept the mediator’s recommendation to extend the contract until at least June 30, 2023.
  • SCUSD must eliminate the outrageous demand that teachers pay up to $ 12,000 a year out of their own pocket to maintain their current health insurance.
  • The district should agree on a fair wage adjustment that addresses inflation. Maintaining competitive wages and keeping up with the current rate of inflation, the highest in four decades, directly affects the district’s ability to hire and retain teachers and staff.

This is a developing story.

For the latest updates on the negotiations CLICK HERE.

Sacramento Teachers Continue to Strike; Still No Deal Source link Sacramento Teachers Continue to Strike; Still No Deal

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