Sacramento shooting: At least 6 people dead, 10 injured, police say

SACRAMEDO, Calif. – California police are searching for at least one suspect in a mass shooting early Sunday in central Sacramento near the Golden One Center that killed six people and left 10 others injured.

Sacramento Police Chief Kathy Lester told a news conference that police were patrolling the area around 2 a.m. when they heard gunshots. When they reached the spot, they found a crowd gathered on the street and six dead. Another 10 either picked themselves up or were taken to hospitals. No information was provided on their condition.

Authorities do not know if one or more suspects are involved and are seeking the public’s help in locating the perpetrator. Leicester did not provide details on the type of weapon used.

This is “a very complicated and complicated scene,” he said. Leicester appealed to the public, asking witnesses or anyone with records of the incident to contact police.

Shortly after the shooting, a video was posted on Twitter showing people running down the street amid the sound of rapid gunfire. The video shows several ambulances on the spot.

Residents were urged to avoid the area, which is full of restaurants and bars leading to the Golden One Center, where the Sacramento Kings play basketball.

Barry Atsius, a community activist, said he came to the scene shortly after the shooting.

The first thing I saw were victims. I saw a young girl with a whole bunch of blood on her body, a girl pulling out her glass, a young girl screaming, “They killed my sister.” A mother runs, “Where is my son, has my son been shot? ” he said.

Kay Harris, 32, said she was asleep when one of her family members called to say they thought her brother had been killed. He said he thought he was in London, a nightclub on 10th Street 1009.

Harris said he has been to the club a few times and described it as a place for “the younger crowd”.

The police have closed the streets around the club, with the yellow police film waving with the breeze early in the morning. He has spent the morning circling the square waiting for news.

“It is a very absurd act of violence,” he said.

On Twitter, Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg said: “Words cannot express my grief this morning. The number of dead and injured is difficult to understand. We look forward to more information about what exactly happened in this tragedy. Increasing armed violence is the scourge of our city, our state and our nation, and I support all efforts to reduce it. ».

In a statement Sunday, California Gov. Gavin Newsom said: “Unfortunately, we once again mourn the loss of life and the loss of life of those injured in another horrific act of armed violence. Jennifer and I extend our deepest condolences to their families. friends and the wider community were affected by this terrible tragedy.

As it is early in this investigation, my government will continue to work closely with local and state law enforcement as we monitor the situation.

“What we know at this point is that there has been another massive attack with casualties, leaving families with lost loved ones, many injured and a community in grief. The scourge of armed violence continues to be a crisis in our country and we must be resolute. to put an end to this massacre. “

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Sacramento shooting: At least 6 people dead, 10 injured, police say Source link Sacramento shooting: At least 6 people dead, 10 injured, police say

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