Sacramento Mass Shooting Supercharges California’s Crime, Gun Debates

Only streets from the Capitol of the state where the legislators undoubtedly created the The strictest arms control laws in the countryat least Two shooters Early Sunday morning Killed at least six people and wounded another 12 B The worst mass shooting in Sacramento in history.

The mass shooting in Sacramento will surely exacerbate the questions about what elected officials can do to curb Increasing violence and crime in weapons before California is worried Voting in the June 7 primaries.

Governor Gavin Newsum, who Abroad on a family vacation, said The state must end its “blow of violence with weapons.” Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg Call for stricter rules On assault rifles, though it was not immediately clear what types of guns the shooters used.

Attorney General Rob Bonte – Progressive Democrat For those who are preparing One of the most watched preliminary races A tough independent against crime Sacramento County Attorney Anne Marie Schubert And Republicans Nathan Hochman and Eric Early – emphasized that It’s about keeping California safe.

Newsum, Bonte and Democratic lawmakers Recently introduced a package of weapons control bills. But those efforts may not be enough to comfort California residents who are still deterred by mass shootings Last month at a church in Sacramento and Last year in a train yard in San JoseOr the chapels that Recently received state funds To Install bulletproof windows and hire armed guards.

And there is no clear consensus on the best way to deal with gun violence. While some call for an increased presence of law enforcement, others, like Sacramento City Councilwoman Katie Valenzuela, representing the downtown district where the mass shooting took place, Said it would not necessarily stop the violence.

Sam Pardes, who manages California gun owners, She told Sacramento’s bee That “the stupid response of lawmakers is to go after guns,” when the real problems of driving with gun violence may be mental, financial, or medical.

It’s a nationwide debate and one that is sure to escalate in the coming months, when San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Bodin faces a June 7 recall election and dissatisfied Los Angeles voters collect signatures to oust District Attorney C. George Gascon.

Against this background, both areas of the advanced plaintiffs also face the best way to deal with drug addiction and homelessness.

Sacramento Mass Shooting Supercharges California’s Crime, Gun Debates Source link Sacramento Mass Shooting Supercharges California’s Crime, Gun Debates

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