Sacramento Board of Supervisors Candidate Jaclyn Moreno Holds 2 Meet & Greet Events In Elk Grove

Cosumnes Community Service District Board Chair Jaclyn Moreno recently held two greeting and meeting events in Elk Grove, in an effort to reach out to the local community. The first meeting and greeting was presented by Dr. Jacqueline “Jax” Cheung at Chason’s Crab Stadium on May 2, 2022. The second event was hosted by Dr. Winnie Tam Hung on May 10, 2022 at A Seat At The Table Books.

The central element of Moreno’s campaign is his determination to address the issues of homelessness, drug rehabilitation, mental health issues, social equity, climate action, and budgetary responsibility in our community.

Sacramento County Board of Supervisors candidate Jaclyn Moreno talks to her supporters.
Photo credit: Marissa Johnson

District 5 Supervisor Don Nottoli chose not to run for re-election. So your seat is at stake. In what will surely be a hotly contested seat, CSD Cosmnes Board Chair Jaclyn Moreno, Elk Grove City Council member Pat Hume, former Elk Grove Mayor Steve Ly, and former Elk Grove Unified School District Administrator , Alex Joe, joined the race. However, the candidates differ widely as to the causes they each chose to highlight in their respective campaigns.

May 2, 2022 at Chason’s Crab Stadium

Chason’s Crab Stadium owners Peter Phong and Ronnie Lim with Sacramento County Board of Supervisors Jaclyn Moreno, Elk Grove Tribune Editor Marissa Johnson, and Elk Grove Tribune Editor-in-Chief Dr. Jacqueline “Jax “Cheung

At the event on May 2 at Chason’s Crab Stadium, attendees were treated to gumbo, garlic noodles, salad, a plate of fruits and vegetables and a plate of cheese sausages. A lively vendor fair was held outside the venue featuring local Asian vendors. Niyama Design Studio, Tiny Soap Diary, Hella Halo, Kiss Meh Boutique and Blush by Mae were some of the vendors included.

During the event, Dr. Jacqueline Cheung, the editor-in-chief of the Elk Grove Tribune, spoke about why people should vote for Jaclyn Moreno. She explained that Jaclyn supports causes such as social equity, climate action and budgetary responsibility.

“Why should you vote for Jaclyn Moreno? Jaclyn promotes an inclusive community where everyone, including the LBGTQ population and people of color are welcome and honored. Jaclyn is an advocate of budget responsibility, climate action and social equity. Above all, she will her promises and she won’t give up a cause just because the election is over. Jaclyn fights for people of color. She’s not afraid to show up even though she’s the only caucasian person in the room. the president of CSD Cosumnes. “She always asks,” How can I help? ”

Finally, Jaclyn was the first friend to call me when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. She called and asked me how I could help and she never left my side and she is still here. I know Jaclyn will give the same amount of care and compassion when she is elected to the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors. ”

Dr. Jacqueline “Jax” Cheung, Editor-in-Chief of the Elk Grove Tribune

Courtney Meek, a mother of three, mentioned that she felt it was important to support Jaclyn because Jaclyn understands the importance of maintaining good mental health. Jaclyn also understands the importance of supporting single mothers like her.

“I can say by talking to Jaclyn that she cares a lot about our community. I certainly think that if she is elected, it will really help make sure that fewer people fall through the cracks in terms of mental health and drug use. In addition, Jaclyn seems to empathize with single mothers like me “.

Courtney Meek

Photo credit: Jaclyn Moreno for the Supervisor campaign


Huntington Learning CenterHuntington Learning Center

May 10 In A Seat At The Table Books

The act on May 10 at Book A Seat At The Tables was presented by Dr. Winnie Hung. Attendees were treated to carrots, celery, pita chips and hummus, along with two varieties of iced tea as well.

Emily Autenrieth, owner of A Seat At The Table Books, introduced Jaclyn Moreno. She explained that she met Jaclyn through the editor-in-chief of Elk Grove Tribune. Jaclyn talked to her when she needed some advice on how to defend her autistic son.

“It is EXTREMELY important for the good of our planet and our marginalized members of the community that we choose Jaclyn as our supervisor. Sac County Supervisors control a $ 7 billion budget and have a huge impact on the lives of people in our area. This campaign is also important to me because of Jaclyn’s career as a school psychologist and her leadership in gender equity. neurodiverse people for years. We appreciate your history of social justice in this area. “

Emily Autenrieth, owner of A Seat At The Table Books

During the event, Dr. Winnie Tam Hung spoke about collaborating with Jaclyn Moreno through Elk Grove EDGE group. Above all, Dr. Hung realized that Jaclyn Moreno is actually creating action plans to make concrete changes in our community.

“As a member of the Elk Grove EDGE (equity, diversity, gender empowerment) coalition and a father in the community, I support Jaclyn as a supervisor because I saw her lead by listening and learning. She is primarily a working mother and a mental health provider. I know it takes time to learn about the many challenges facing our communities, and it has a compassionate, forward-looking approach that focuses on helping to address the root causes of violence and crime, rather than just enforcement and punishment “.

Dr. Winnie Tam Hung, Dr.

Jaclyn Moreno herself spoke and answered a variety of questions. Two of the issues he highlighted included homelessness and drug use. She explained how she had a relative to whom her family could never find a place to be treated when she was ready to be treated. It is important to note that Moreno has resolved to make a difference in the programs developed to deal with homelessness and drug use in our community.

Jaclyn Moreno explained that budget accountability and climate action are also on her list of causes that are dear to her. She explained that there is a $ 7 billion budget overseen by the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors. Whoever is elected to the seat for which Jaclyn is running has an important role to play in our community. He worries that if certain candidates are chosen, some causes such as homelessness, drug rehabilitation, social equity and climate action could be swept under the rug.

A Seat At The Table Books owner Emily Autenrieth, Sacramento County Board of Supervisors Jaclyn Moreno, and Elk Grove Tribune editor-in-chief Dr. Jacqueline “Jax” Cheung
Photo credit: Dr. Jacqueline Cheung

From Sacramento County Board of Supervisors candidate Jaclyn Moreno

“When people hear our message about reinvesting in the community: mental health care, substance abuse support and services for the homeless in our community, sell out! I’m very grateful to everyone in the community who is they approached, had events and helped spread our message. ”

Candidate for Sacramento County Board of Supervisors, Jaclyn Moreno

If you want to support or want more information about Jaclyn Moreno, visit Jaclyn for supervisor.

Sacramento Board of Supervisors Candidate Jaclyn Moreno Holds 2 Meet & Greet Events In Elk Grove Source link Sacramento Board of Supervisors Candidate Jaclyn Moreno Holds 2 Meet & Greet Events In Elk Grove

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