Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively May Be Done Having Kids

Gin Guy just wants one thing Father’s Dayby Ryan Reynolds: “Vasectomy”.

The Aviation Gin the founder released a new ad for his alcohol company on Thursday, June 9, starring Hollywood Dad Nick Cannonwho currently has eight children, the ninth of whom is coming.

On the spot, Cannon shares the “mother of all cocktails” – “vasectomy” recipe.

“The Lord knows I need one,” Cannon says.

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Cannon shared the video on Instagram and tagged Reynolds as “Yeah … thanks.” Reynolds replied to Cannon in the comments section, expressing his solidarity: “I’ll double my own.”

Reynolds and his wife, Blake Livelyshares three daughters together: James, 7, Inez, 5, and Betty, 2. The actress is known to be honest about her paternity and is the first to tease herself about parenting.

When asked in March After a short break from acting, which he said was necessary to be able to spend more time with his family, he joked, “It’s been hell, I’ll be right back. I’ll take the first movie I find. “

“No, it’s been great,” he added, referring to the time with the daughters. “I’m still busy, but I get to be there with my kids in the morning and in the evening I get to put everyone to sleep, so I love that.”

Sharing a notification with your own person Instagram Ryan Reynolds admitted that the cocktail “isn’t 100% effective,” which, huh. But what does that mean for the future of the Reynolds family? Personally, I choose to believe that Blake and Ryan will still have a chance to have another baby in the future. Who wouldn’t want these more curl?!

Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively May Be Done Having Kids Source link Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively May Be Done Having Kids

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