Russia resumes gas supply to Europe through Nord Stream 1

Russia resumed gas supplies through a critical pipeline to Europe on Thursday after a 10-day maintenance period, in a move that would be a huge relief in the continent’s capitals.

Nord Stream 1, which passes under the Baltic Sea between Russia and Germany, Closed for repairsBut many in Berlin and Brussels feared it would not return to the internet as planned after the break.

However, Nord Stream AG, the operator, said the gas was flowing again. “We are in the process of resuming gas transportation, although it could take several hours to reach the candidate volumes,” a spokesman said.

Data on the Nord Stream 1 website showed that 21 million kilowatt-hours of gas flowed in the pipeline between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m. on Thursday.

Germany was worried That closure will halt its plans to stockpile gas ahead of the winter heating season, raising fears it will have to introduce gas rationing for industrial customers.

Economists have warned that if Russia shuts down the gas tap, Europe’s major economy will plunge into recession.

Gas prices in Europe have soared over the past year, peaking shortly after Russia launched it Attack on Ukraine On February 24th. Although prices have fallen, they are still nine times higher than the average of the last five years.

Although the resumption of supply via Nord Stream 1 was good news for European governments, shipments are expected to be much lower than they were before the war in Ukraine.

Klaus Müller, head of Germany’s energy regulator, said the quantities that Gazprom, Russia’s gas exporter, had appointed for Thursday represented only 30 percent of Nordstream’s 1 capacity.

Even before the pipeline was closed for maintenance, Russia reduced gas flow through NS1 by 60%, citing technical reasons.

Russia has blamed the delays in returning the Siemens Energy turbine that was used to pump gas through a pipeline that has undergone routine maintenance in Canada. The Canadian government refused to send him back to Russia, citing its sanctions regime against Moscow over the invasion of Ukraine.

But Germany said Russia was only using the issue of turbines as an excuse to cut supplies and accused it of “weapons exploitation” of its energy exports to Europe. Canada Eventually exempt the turbine From its sanctions regime and gave permission to send it to Germany.

Russia resumes gas supply to Europe through Nord Stream 1 Source link Russia resumes gas supply to Europe through Nord Stream 1

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