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When it comes to where we live, we have many choices. There are apartments, flats, mansions and houses. Then there are neighborhoods, school districts, HOAs and other nearby location-based variables. One of the phrases you will hear a lot in real estate is “location, location, location”. This is for a good reason. Location determines the value of real estate, the cost of living — and even the lifestyle you can expect or live around. The choice of rural or urban living will make a huge difference in your cost of living, real estate values ​​and your lifestyle.

So what exactly does rural and urban mean? And what does it mean for real estate? We will dive in and talk a little about what rural and urban life can mean to you. What can you expect in each case? How can they influence your choice the next time you move in or start a home shopping trip?

What does Rural mean?

You may already have an image in your head. large areas of roads, houses in a rural style, metal roofs, quieter way of life, friendly neighbors. So what is the real definition of rural life? To do this, we will take a look at how the USDA’s Economic Research Service classifies rural areas. They have some ways of looking at rural and urban life from an economic point of view. They define rural counties using three main criteria: open countryside, rural cities — or cities with less than 2,500 inhabitants, and urban areas with 2,500-49,999 inhabitants that are not part of a larger metropolis.

The official definition of rural has a lot to do with the population, the nearby workforce and the nearest urban centers. Whether you use a formal or a simple definition, you might think that a rural area has a low population density. They also have less proximity to a large downtown area and, yes, you can see some metal roofs. With all this talk of proximity to an urban area, what exactly does urban mean?

What does Urban mean?

The U.S. Census Bureau defines an urban area as essentially a city of 50,000 or more people. When people say urban, they are usually talking about dense areas and large centers. Housing may be a little tighter than in rural areas, and — of course — city life. The city of Fresno, with over 500,000 people, is easy to count, but there are many nearby rural areas just outside the city limits within Fresno County. If you are looking for real estate in the Fresno area, you have access to the best of both worlds.

The pros and cons of urban and rural living

In terms of urban life, you can look forward to a bustling city center, a good selection of restaurants, museums and nightlife, as well as more choices in school districts and neighborhoods. However, there are advantages and disadvantages to both rural and urban life. With rural life, you can look forward to lower costs and more space. This can also include a quieter life, closeness to nature and less noise and ambient light. Here we will talk about what everyone can look like.

What can rural life be like?

There are many advantages to rural life. You can expect lower living costs, lower real estate values ​​— meaning more money for you and an even quieter lifestyle.

Lower real estate value and reduced cost of living

In general, houses in rural areas can be much cheaper than those of the same relative size in urban areas. This can be a huge advantage if you are looking for a bigger home in particular. In a rural area, it is possible to find much larger properties at the same price as you would on a property of the same size in a dense urban area. So if you are looking for the most square feet for your dollar, rural areas are a good place to look.

In general, people living in rural areas tend to spend much less money on living expenses than their urban counterparts. This means you can expect to live a more affordable lifestyle in a rural area and still enjoy the comforts you love.

Quieter way of life

If you do not like the sounds of the city, the traffic and waking up with a lot of noise, rural life may be the choice for you. Rural areas tend to have lower population densities and this can mean much less noise and noise. For some people, this is ideal. Conversely, you can also enjoy less ambient noise and less ambient light at night.

Proximity to nature

Rural life usually includes open countryside. This means that you will probably get closer to nature. If hiking, camping, bird watching, spending time in nature and being away from the big city are things that interest you, you will be happy to learn that rural life can bring you just that. Did I mention stargazing? If you like to map constellations and look at the skies, less ambient light means you can see the stars much more.

How can urban life be

There are many advantages to urban life. You can enjoy being close to other people, lots of restaurants, access to museums and even more nightlife.

Access to jobs

One of the things you may have heard people say is that jobs are in big cities. And that tends to endure. Higher population density tends to lead to higher “labor density” and even higher pay. Some research supports this and the more teachers there are, the greater the difference between rural and urban areas.

Cultural Treasures

One of the great things about big cities and urban areas is that they have so many cultural treasures. You are more likely to find a greater variety of museums, food, music, nightlife and other cultural treasures. If you are always into cultural enrichment, an urban area in a big city may be the choice for you.


If you like looking at tall buildings, busy downtown, exciting nightlife and being with a lot of people, urban areas may suit you very well. Urban areas come with a higher population density and this density pushes people to build, concentrate more and build beautifully downtown and shopping areas. If you like these things, then urban life can be the perfect place to live.


The rural and urban way of life each has its own unique benefits. Whether you are looking for quiet star nights, nature and low cost of living, or you are looking for adventure in the big city, tall buildings, museums and nightlife, there is something wonderful out there for you.

The best part about Fresno is that it has both! It is important to think about what you are looking for in your living situation, because both rural and urban life have their pros and cons. These are just some of the factors to consider if you are wondering which type of lifestyle is right for you!

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