Ruptures in cell nuclei promotes tumor invasion in breast cancer

Image of human tumor cells infiltrating the collagen matrix. The nucleus stains blue and the part of the extracellular matrix that has been degraded by the cells turns red. Credits: Guilherme Nader / Institute Curie

As cells proliferate and migrate, they can compress and break open their nuclei. This phenomenon causes DNA damage. Scientists at CNRS, Institut Curie, and INSERM have shown that this promotes the spread of cancer cells in breast tumors.The results of this study were on September 21st. cell..

The cell nucleus plays an important role in protecting the cell’s DNA and enabling its proper use. However, when the cells themselves are compressed and deformed, they can deform or be temporarily destroyed, for example in the case of migration or proliferation. This compression leads to DNA damage.As a result, aging accelerates Healthy cells Acquisition of infiltration of breast tumors cell, CNRS, Institut Curie, INSERM as shown by the research team.

These scientists have shown that when cells are compressed and destroy their nuclei, DNA can come into contact with a DNA-destroying enzyme called TREX1. The normal function of TREX1 is to protect the cell by destroying the DNA of the virus that is trying to infect it, but under these abnormal conditions it attacks the DNA of the cell.

In healthy tissue, cells show signs of aging and stop dividing.However, the research team observed that breast tumors had different results: instead of killing. cancer cellThe damage caused by TREX1 makes them more invasive. For example, when a tumor grows too large, cells are compressed, gaining the ability to destroy the environment and invade adjacent tissues, increasing the risk of metastasis.

These results reveal the importance of the enzyme TREX1 in the development and aging of breast cancer. Scientists now want to identify and test molecules that can interfere with their activity. These inhibitors have many potential therapeutic uses, as TREX1 plays an important role in the regulation of inflammation and immunity.

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Guilherme Pedreira de Freitas Nader et al, reduced nuclear envelope integrity promotes TREX1-dependent DNA damage and tumor cell infiltration. cell (2021). DOI: 10.1016 / j.cell.2021.08.035

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Quote: Cell nucleus rupture was obtained from on September 23, 2021 (September 23, 2021) ) Promotes tumor infiltration

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Ruptures in cell nuclei promotes tumor invasion in breast cancer Source link Ruptures in cell nuclei promotes tumor invasion in breast cancer

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