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Is our democracy at stake?

Yes and no. But there are signs that events and people collusion, long-term collusion and put the form of our government — majority vote, minority rights, the rule of law, and the check and balance government of our three branches. — At stake.

Freedom of speech, press, rallies, religion, as well as free and fair elections are the foundation of our representative democracy and true democracy. The idea came to fruition in the September governor’s election in California, where Governor Gavin Newsom easily won.

People talked. And loudly. That is democracy.

As a result, it was painful to read a news article about the new details of a long interim report produced by the Senate Judiciary Committee last week. This is an explanation of ol’45’s efforts to put a thumbs up on the Justice Ministry and bid on Topsy. -The last day of his presidency, including pressure on authorities to actively investigate unfounded allegations of election fraud.

An interim report released Thursday is to help judicial ministry officials curb pressure when a U.S. CEO who turned into a real-life TV star received distorted advice from a lawyer he first saw on TV. Explains how it worked hard.

The actions of extroverted leaders in the free world (certainly in the eyes of his MAGA supporters) and the subsequent turmoil worried behind the scenes that China might choose “pearls,” very disappointing. “Harbor, the first strike in which he and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi discussed the nuclear chain of command, which spawned General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Stable Joint Chiefs of Staff.”

The Commission’s description is also detailed in a recently published book by Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward and Robert Costa’s new book, Danger. I’m starting to read this and find it fascinating.

In recent weeks, the losers of the 2020 presidential election have been fooling around with the possibility of a return in 2024 and their second term in the Oval Office.

On June 26th, in Wellington, Ohio, he did what he really liked and held another huge rally for those who were crazy and a little fooled. He said, “We will not break. We will not give up. We will never give up. We will never give up. We will never retreat. We will never surrender.” It’s basically a call for war, but it sounds like the famous Winston Churchill speech.

Are these statements of someone who accepts what American history shows, is that our elections are free and fair, and still the sacred cornerstone of American democracy? Is this the one who really intends to cause a serious constitutional crisis when there is nothing that actually causes it? But do you do it anyway for suspicious reasons? One of them, of course, is his ego raised while he was raised by a strict and demanding father.

Our democracy is at stake because it is happening in the second largest state in the population. In Texas, good old boys, all wearing Stetson hats and no cows, have long ruled and want to continue to do so as a loan. Star State is gradually becoming more progressive due to the growing Latino and other minority voting communities.

Republican state legislators in Austin have already taken a map of Gerrymandering in 2010, aiming to secure an edge in Washington, DC.

I think it’s natural. The newly proposed district line created 38 districts when there were 36 only 10 years ago, and the districts that were once considered toss-ups have a large double-digit margin for both parties. Indicates. For example, redrawing the 7th district of the Houston area goes from the Democratic 8.5% margin to a 30 point margin.

But in another region of Houston, primarily democracy, state legislators were able to depict a new safe Republican district inhabited by the majority of the white population of the booming county. Had the district been functioning in 2020, ol’45 would have carried it 18 percentage points.

And keep in mind that legislation restricting voting access has been passed in nearly 20 states (mostly after the failure of the January 6 rebellion at the US Capitol), revealing voter oppression. It strips away what threats and true democracy are. On the other hand, the good news is that more than 25 states have passed legislation to increase access to ballots. Obviously, Congress needs to pass a declining federal voting bill.

In an epilogue of the 2020 book “The First Principles: What the Founders of America Learned from the Greeks and Romans and How It Shaped Our Country,” Thomas E. Rix said, “Revolutionary. “Generation …” The most important of these is “don’t panic,” followed by “reducing election funds,” “refocusing on public goods,” “awakening Congress,” and “knowing your history.” There was such a thing. “

In his famous 1953 book “The Story of Philosophy,” Will Durant said, “If the government itself is” confused and absurd, it governs without help and orders without initiative. Can you persuade an individual in such a state? ” , To follow the law and limit his self-inquiry to the circle of total goodness? “

— Richard Bummer is a reporter staff writer

Rumor has it our democracy is in peril. Is it? – Times-Herald Source link Rumor has it our democracy is in peril. Is it? – Times-Herald

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