Royal Family: Planning to Cut Off All Contact With Prince Harry & Meghan Markle?

The long-awaited network television event has a long history of failing to respond to hype.

But that certainly didn’t apply to the interview with Oprah Winfrey’s Megan Markle. It surprised viewers with the vivid portrayal of a woman trapped on the wall of the palace.

Megan reveals that she committed suicide During the worst days of her trials.

She also shocked the world by revealing that one of her in-laws had expressed concern. Archie’s skin color Before the boy is born.

The· Death of Prince Phillip Only a few weeks later, the drama was further enhanced as the royal family was placed under brighter spotlights and Harry was forced to return to Britain very publicly.

Currently, British media outlets are sharing predictions about the future of Cambridge’s relationship with other royal families.

And in most cases, the prognosis certainly seems very harsh:

“Oprah Winfrey’s interview, don’t worry about it, it fell like a lead balloon,” said Miller Russell Myers’ royal editor. Said in a radio interview on Sunday.

“As far as Harry and Megan are concerned, I think they are in charge of organizing things themselves.”

Myers further stated that at this point most members of the Windsor clan appear to see it as just an obstacle that needs to be overcome by Harry and Megan.

“They have distracted most of the family,” Myers said.

“There is a lot of dissatisfaction in the camp and we still don’t know if they will come back,” he said.

Asked about Harry’s return to Philip’s funeral, Myers speculated that the young prince might have returned with a “tail between his legs.”

“Sure, I’m sure Harry was a little sheepish looking at the rest of his family,” he said.

“The rest of the royal family are very united in trying to get back into business.”

Myers interviewer Kevin O’Sullivan reiterated these claims, proclaiming his belief that Prince Charles, in particular, could continue his business as usual if he broke his relationship with Harry and Megan.

“If it’s his state of mind, I think the British people are behind him at every stage of the road. Most people think,” That guy Harry isn’t forgiven. ” I think it is, “said O’Sullivan.

“I don’t think it’s the last straw of the monarchy. I think it’s evolution, not revolution.”

The author of the acclaimed Wolf Hall series of novels, Dame Hilary Mantel, has a much darker view of the future as a royal institution.

“I think this is the end. I don’t know how long the institution will last,” she said in a recent interview.

“I don’t know if it will last longer than William, so I think it will be their last big era.”

The mantle went on to express sympathy for the Queen, who spent her adult life in a chain of obligations to feel she had no escape.

“I wish I had felt that the Queen could abdicate,” said the mantle.

“She understands that while she thinks this is a sacred job that you simply can’t abdicate, our others think it’s a job that you should be able to abdicate. doing.”

Therefore, experts may disagree on what happens to Harry and Megan, but everyone seems to agree that the couple’s future will not include further involvement with the royal family.

Royal Family: Planning to Cut Off All Contact With Prince Harry & Meghan Markle? Source link Royal Family: Planning to Cut Off All Contact With Prince Harry & Meghan Markle?

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