Rookie LB Jamien Sherwood Ready for a Possible ‘Green Dot’ Moment

CJ Mosley (hamstring) will set match time at Jackbell, New England

Jets coach Robert Saleh faces newcomer Jamien Sherwood, who may replace Mosley in the face of CJ Mosley’s hamstring prospects that could prevent a clash with the Patriots in the AFC East on Sunday. I explained briefly.

“He belongs,” Sale said at a press conference on Friday.

Replacing No. 57, which was safe in Auburn, with No. 44 is the best situation for Jet (1-4) to travel to Foxborough, Massachusetts and face New England (2-4). No one is thinking about. With four tries at Gillette Stadium, he hasn’t won the match yet this season.

Mosley would be the match time decision, Sale said, and there was little concern about his response to putting a green dot on the 6-2, 216-pound Sherwood helmet. (There is a dot on the back of the helmet, one is offensive and the other is defensive. Only the player can hear the communication from the sideline coach.) Sherwood, “2 minute drill” with the team Segment reporter Eric Allen said he was ready and enthusiastic about the challenge if Mosley wasn’t available.

“I’ve been really comfortable since I came here,” Sherwood said. “Where they started me, what matters to me is communication. It’s always about the eyes, and your eyes take you to the ball.”

The Jets linebacker ball hawking group is one of the brightest spots in defense. Mosley led the team with tackles, and Quincy Williams of Waver Wiresteel recorded three forced fumbles. Blake Cashman has returned from injury and is available as well as Dell Shawn Phillips.

“We are fortunate to have some depth in this position,” said defense coordinator Jeff Ulbrich. “There are people who played a lot of football, especially early in their careers. [Sherwood], He is a rare newcomer. Because newcomers are very famous and don’t necessarily have consciousness or communication skills, but Jamian is not at all. He leans forward like a veterinarian. He communicates like a veterinarian. He has no experience like CJ, but he is the one we trust. So if CJ can’t go, Jamien will be ours. “

Like his teammates, Sherwood took a day off to return to Jensen Beach, Florida, to spend some time charging the battery, but not turning off his football mind instead of a minute in New York. ..

“I went home, met my family, got a job, and stepped off,” he said. “The coach told me to take a break, but I couldn’t. I was still watching the movie and kept my spirit in the game.”

Asked about the mood of the week, he said, “Despite our record, we have a great football team. We’re back with a lot of energy. Basically we’ll restart the season 0-0. At this point you can build your identity .. This is a great way to start with a team in our department. “

So far this season, Sherwood has played in four games (three starts, inactive in Jets’ defeat to the Patriots in the second week), with a total of 12 tackles (8 solos). The numbers may not be spectacular, but it’s Sherwood’s intangible assets that give the sale a sparkle.

Sale said on Friday, “We are really excited about Jamian. He is a newcomer and may be the one he lacks the experience of being smart and compensating with spiritual speed … he plays football. I understand. ” “He’ll have a rookie moment, but the more he plays, the better. He’s one of the classic guys here. He’s studying the ass. When it comes to his size, he Will grow. When he plans a full NFL offseason and diet, he has the ability to unleash and tackle those who are one of the best in the draft. He has many leaks. Don’t give up on the yard … “

Rookie LB Jamien Sherwood Ready for a Possible ‘Green Dot’ Moment Source link Rookie LB Jamien Sherwood Ready for a Possible ‘Green Dot’ Moment

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