Ronnie Magro-Ortiz Avoids Felony Charge in Latest Domestic Violence Case

You may not know exactly what happened at the end of last month between Ronnie Tuna Ortiz and his girlfriend Safia Matos.

It may not be possible to know exactly why the Jersey Shore star was arrested on yet another charge of domestic violence.

But know now what the future of Ronnie will be.

And it’s not as dark as many observers feared.

When the news of this arrest was first reported, many thought Ron was so in trouble that he might be put in jail for a while.

But according to TMZ Ronnie Absent Indicted for felony..

It’s not entirely clear what that means for his future, but for him it’s much better than him. was He was charged with a felony.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, a veteran and often violent reality star was arrested on April 22, reserved for “injured relative violence with his predecessors.”

Many other details have not been made available since the alleged case occurred.

Ronnie’s ex-girlfriend Jen Harley confirmed that she wasn’t the victim of the incident-she later regained her couple’s daughter, Ariana.

This (and Harley’s boyfriend Joe’s comment) convinced most people that Matos was involved in any kind of collusion that prompted the arrest.

Just over a week after Ronnie was detained, the LA District Attorney’s Office determined that there was not enough evidence to prosecute MTV’s personality for felony.

To be clear, Ronnie can still be guilty of misdemeanor.

And for clarity, Ronnie may yet Even minor offenses can lead to probation breaches and face serious legal issues (Ronnie’s). Final (Arrest of domestic violence) And he can still get caught behind the bar.

But his lawyer sees this as a victory.

“As I said from the beginning, if this report is true, the first report and the unexamined claim are often wrong. In the case of Ronnie, it’s wrong,” his lawyer told TMZ on Monday.

“I am pleased that DA’s office has made this decision not to charge a felony.”

“We wait for a decision from the county law firm.”

Whatever happens, let’s clarify this one nasty fact.

After his arrest, Ronnie showed no remorse.

Based on an Instagram message that has been deleted since, he joined it with Harley’s new boyfriend Threatening to turn a man over in a car..

In the only official statement he made after the break-in, Ronnie said:

“I take all my experiences as lessons.”

Sounds like a lot of insight.

But then he added.

“You learn who really cares about you [you’re] Down and out [then] You can see who doesn’t! “

“But I think they call it the herbicidal process.”

“Thanks to my true friends who haven’t left my side and betrayed me.”

Matos, as part of her, tried to downplay the debate, even though TMZ sources reported that she called 911 as a result. There was also a mark on her body at that time..

“I don’t think it’s fair for people to use false accusations to get their attention,” she wrote online last month.

“Leave Ron and me alone.”

“I don’t know what someone is doing at the end of the day. Don’t believe everything you hear or read online.”

“Please give me your privacy,” she said.

“Thank you for your support.”

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Jersey Shore stars and producers haven’t commented yet another The legal turmoil of one of the show’s former cast members.

And it’s important to remember that he wasn’t convicted of a crime here.


Lack of evidence may also mean that Matos is afraid to testify to her boyfriend.

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Jen Harley and her boyfriend certainly don’t feel much sympathy for him, which is certainly true.

Yes, they are clearly quite prejudiced and probably not the most stable and reliable narrator.

But Ronnie’s constant entry into these suspicious types of situations should raise obvious questions:

when He is fired by MTV??

Clear answer:

Not enough right away.

Ronnie Magro-Ortiz Avoids Felony Charge in Latest Domestic Violence Case Source link Ronnie Magro-Ortiz Avoids Felony Charge in Latest Domestic Violence Case

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