Roe v. Wade May Be Overturned. Here’s What Women Have To Say

The WHO also reports that restricting access to safe abortion violates the human rights violations of women and girls, such as the right to the highest attainable standards of mental and physical health and the right to benefit from advances in science. Ninety-seven percent dangerous abortions are performed in developing countries, but experts fear that women in the United States may soon not be able to choose Roe has fallen.

Despite advances in medicine and technology, scientific knowledge, and the testimony of women, allies, and doctors, conservative legislators continue to threaten women’s reproductive rights in the United States.

Glamor spoke with women around the country about their thoughts on abolishing abortion rights.

Maggie, El Paso, Texas

I really believe this is a human rights violation. Women should have the right to bodily autonomy and should be able to make an informed choice about whether they want an abortion. And frankly, it makes me fear the future. What other progressive decisions will they overturn next? In Texas, we were frightened by an abortion report hotline that was completely legal and used, I think, as today’s witch-hunt. It makes me still wonder how much I would have to go through if I had to have an abortion. If Roe and Casey This means that every woman or AFAB person – especially those living in the South – should be very concerned about their future.

Charis, South Florida

Such a decision erases so much progress and deeply opens up personal wounds. It is destructive. Years ago, someone told me they believed everyone who had an abortion was a murderer and belonged to a prison. It was the most extreme statement I have ever heard about abortion, and since then I have been cautious about the anti-abortion movement. Abortion is a medical procedure. Do opponents of choice do not understand the fact that abortion is a safe and effective medical procedure? Or do they just want to impose their special moral and religious beliefs on others? Decisions about medical procedures are between the person and his or her doctor. A handful of judges take away the rights of millions of citizens to make decisions about their own bodies.

Morgan, Salt Lake City, Utah

I am very depressed. It feels like an incredible achievement to try to convince someone that they should care about women’s rights. They would rather spend more time and money protecting a six-week-old fetus than a woman’s life. There has been so much time, energy, power and influence spent restricting someone’s rights, ironically, from a party that consistently uses words like “freedom” and “choice” to push its agenda deeper into the law. There will never be enough funding to support those who have been forced to exist because of such laws, and we often condemn women who rely on federally funded programs to receive handouts.

Gabby, Denver, Colorado

The choice of abortion should be left to women. I believe that in the long run, it can bring women to a life that is forced on them, which would make both mothers and children not thrive. Falling as a woman Roe v. Wade I was scared, and I find it worrying that there might even be a chance to take this right away.

Socorro, Anthony, Texas

Generations of women who have grown up with self-determination do not quietly return to the kitchen and under the thumb of a man. We make sure our sisters and daughters are not forced to have an unplanned child. We are now smarter, we are stronger, we have many ways to vote against legislators who oppose women and help other women when they face an unplanned, unwanted pregnancy.

Lillian, Shreveport, Louisiana

If someone is unwilling – or unable – to continue a pregnancy, forcing her to do so can lead to tragic consequences. People take matters into their own hands, which can mean very different things. Opponents of abortion use the term “for life,” which I find offensive. If life is what they valued, they would understand the importance of bodily autonomy and could make their own decisions about their lives. Needless to say, those with power and money, including the legislators involved in this decision, will always have access to abortion.

Claudia, Memphis, Tennessee

This news made me sad, instead of going ahead and being able to decide what is best for me, I am told and guided to do. I was afraid something like this would happen. It seems that over the last eight years, the rights of women and minorities have stalled instead of gaining momentum. Every woman deserves to make her own decision based on her quality of life and experience. Elderly people in office should not decide what they should do. I am disappointed that, as a minority, women have to deal with these issues again and are unable to control their own bodies.

Tiffany, Georgia

Why is this being raised again? And why does this happen during inflation? I was very angry, scared and hated on behalf of minorities like me, but mostly. Not all women with children have the means to take care of them either. I never feared this would happen before because I was born at a time when we talked about all that good Roe has done and how women should have the right to their own bodies. It’s just sad to hear that we have to fight again for something that men can’t get.

Lauren, Las Cruces, New Mexico

There is so much misinformation about women’s reproductive health that it’s hard to find one aspect that people don’t understand, but I think one major scare problem is “late abortions”. Nearly 93% of abortions take place before week 14. “Late abortion” was a term coined by politicians to trick voters into thinking that women carry fetuses at 6, 7, 8+ months and suddenly decide they don’t want that baby. This is simply not true.

Roe v. Wade May Be Overturned. Here’s What Women Have To Say Source link Roe v. Wade May Be Overturned. Here’s What Women Have To Say

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