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Virtually every day, Governor Gavin Newsom appears somewhere in California, more than enough to declare that the state is “groaning” from the COVID-19 pandemic.

These highly organized events are billed as official state businesses, but in reality, September, primarily by promoting one of the billion-dollar giveaways in his new state. It is the appearance of a political campaign aimed at persuading voters to support him in the call election on the 14th. budget.

“When the state returns from the pandemic, we focus on getting this help out the door as soon as possible and providing full support to help Californians recover,” Newsom stopped by. I did. Southern California last week highlighted a new program for paying overdue rents.

Newsom can conclude that he is trying to buy a vote with taxpayer’s money when distributing cash from an unexpected income plunge.

There are three complications to that self-serving effort.

One is that explicit campaigns disguised as public affairs are unpleasant. Not uncommon in other states, the Governor of California has taken great care in separating official businesses from re-election campaign events.

Second, spending so much money right away could put Newsome at risk to the state’s financial position. His predecessor, Jerry Brown, was frugal and wary of launching a new program that could put mushrooms out of control, but warned of the danger in a television interview this month.

Mr Brown said the state will face “financial stress” in the coming years as revenues return to more normal levels. “Words are volatility,” Brown said. “Money is coming, money is going. The federal government is digging deeper into debt and they are spending money wildly. The state is spending money now. It’s not sustainable.”

Mr Brown said the state relies heavily on a relatively small number of high-income taxpayers for its income: “The economy because the rich make so much money and California happens to tax the rich disproportionately. Full inequality is growing … We need a simpler, more sustainable and more prudent way of doing business. “

Finally, Newsom’s “roaring” mantra avoids the state’s highly realistic socio-economic problems that have deteriorated during the pandemic. California remains one of the highest unemployment rates in the country, with well over a million unemployed. We had the highest level of poverty in the country before the pandemic, and it certainly increased.

A major contributor to California’s high poverty is the state’s very high cost of living, especially for housing, but also for other necessities such as gasoline and utilities.

Newsome will only provide tokens and / or short-term responses to these costs, such as rent and utility aids and cash payments to unsustainable low-income families, perhaps as Brown warns. Provided.

The state’s housing shortage continues to put upward pressure on rent and home prices, and the $ 3.5 billion included in Newsom’s new budget for affordable homes does not meet its own home allocation each year. Build less than 10,000 units in the state.

‘Roaring back’ is just a campaign slogan, not reality – Press Telegram Source link ‘Roaring back’ is just a campaign slogan, not reality – Press Telegram

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