Rita Ora song ‘Finish Line,’ written by Diane Warren, celebrates 50 years of Title IX, serves as anthem for Fifty/50 docuseries

LOS ANGELES – Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution Networks and Hollywood Records announced the release of their new song “Finish Line” on Friday, performed by world superstar Rita Ora and written by award-winning singer Diane Warren.

Finish line“will serve as the soundtrack for ESPN ‘s forthcoming four – part documentary Title IX,” 37 Words. “

A work of true passion throughout the company, ABC Owned’s racing and culture team played a key role in securing the song and was part of a women-majority group responsible for the creative vision of the “Finish Line” music video.

“Never [Warren] he brought me this song, I was so moved by the lyrics and the passion they evoked and I immediately realized that I had to get involved with the project. “The struggle for women’s equality is a global issue,” Ora said in a statement, adding: “Every day, women around the world are struggling to see, hear and respect them. “We must continue to work to empower each other as we strive to make equality a reality for women in every part of the world.”

“This powerful initiative has inspired me to write ‘Finish Line’ as a refreshing anthem that reminds us to never give up the fight. It may be 50 years since the law was passed, but we are still pushing for its fundamental human right. equality. “Warren added.

An exclusive clip of the music video premiered on Sunday during ABC’s “American Idol”. Emmy Award-winning producer and presenter Ryan Seacrest interviewed Ora and Warren live.

“This campaign is to remind women to stay strong, to stay together,” Ora told Seacrest.

“There are no obstacles that we can not cross as women, as people,” Warren added.

“Finish Line” is a women’s empowerment anthem that will support “37 Words,” a four-part ESPN documentary by documentary filmmakers Dawn Porter and Nicole Newnham as part of The Walt Disney Company’s Initiative fifty / 50 headed by ESPN. The Fifty / 50 initiative marks the 50th anniversary of the passage of Title IX, the federal law on civil rights that prohibits gender discrimination in any federally funded educational institution and gives women equal opportunities to play.
MORE: What is Title IX? How civil rights landmark legislation codified gender equality in sport and beyond

A women-led executive and creative team teamed up to ensure that different women would lead the way in all aspects of the “Finish Line” production. The collaboration is a deliberate gesture of empowerment and respect for the Title IX women who broke down barriers and paved the way for many. The project was led by Adrianne Anderson, vice president of Content Development & Marketing at KABC-TV, and Nzinga Blake, executive producer of races and culture at ABC Owned.

“As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Title IX at The Walt Disney Company, it’s a real gift to have two such prolific artists as Rita Ora and Diane Warren contribute their talent and passion to a song that celebrates and encourages girls and women. . across the country, “said Debra OConnell, president of Networks for Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution. “Finish Line is a fantastic and empowering anthem, brought to life by an excellent and inspiring group of women. I am incredibly proud of this collaboration and excited to present it to our Networks as part of the Fifty / 50 initiative.”

Collectively, the ABC team decided to use the power of the Disney brand, harnessing internal resources and talent to start this project. In an unprecedented move, the station’s group decided to produce and direct the music video internally and to work with Disney Music Group’s Hollywood Records to produce the song, in close collaboration with ESPN.

“Finish Line” was released on Friday on all music streaming services. Fans can watch an exclusive music video for “American Idol” streamed live, Coast to Coast on Sunday, May 15 (8: 00-10: 00 p.m. EDT / 5: 00-7: 00 p.m. .m. PDT), on ABC. Watch custom episodes on Hulu the next day. Viewers will also hear the song in ESPN’s documentary “37 Words” when it premieres June 21 (Parts 1 and 2) and June 28 (Parts 3 and 4) at 8 p.m. on ESPN.

Walt Disney Co. is the parent company of ESPN, Hollywood Records and this station.

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Rita Ora song ‘Finish Line,’ written by Diane Warren, celebrates 50 years of Title IX, serves as anthem for Fifty/50 docuseries Source link Rita Ora song ‘Finish Line,’ written by Diane Warren, celebrates 50 years of Title IX, serves as anthem for Fifty/50 docuseries

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