Rihanna Stuns in a Silver Cutout Crop Top and Low-Rise Maxi Skirt

And here we thought Rihanna took things up in her bright blue Stella McCartney body with a perfectly placed baby bump surgery. Well, he raised the bar again.

March 12th “Diamonds” singer and the beauty mule attended the launch Fenty Beauty at Ulta In Los Angeles, wearing another outfit with cuts and plenty of skin. Designed by Jahleel Weaver, Rihanna combined a custom silver Coperni crop top with cuts above the chest with a low glittery maxi skirt, leaving her belly fully exposed and adorned with a fine diamond piece from Messika Paris.

“I enjoy not having to worry about covering my stomach. If I feel a little chubby, it’s like anything! It’s a baby, “Rihanna says told me People his approach maternity style. “Right now, when you’re pregnant, some days you just feel like, ‘Uh, I just want to lie here on this couch all day.’ But when you put on a little face and lipstick, you change. “I’ve heard it for a long time, but it’s true. It can really lift you off the couch and make you feel like a bad bitch.”


Rihanna used her hair in a stylish tall pony and full face in Fenty Beauty makeup by Priscilla Ono, who featured all the products on Instagram. Ono used to get the look PRO FILTR make-up cream and concealer, snap shadows palette in true neutral tones, Slip Shine lipstick shade “$ uga Kiss” and more. Of course, this glittery look would not have been complete without it Diamond bomb full body flair “How Many Carats ?!”

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Jada Pinkett Smithwho once used a glittery transparent dress on the red carpet while pregnant with her son Jaden, recently praised Rihanna’s dramatic pregnancy appearance on Instagram. “Who says you can’t wear transparent clothes when you’re preggers ??? 😍😜😍 I love little Rihi” Pinkett Smith wrote. “She’s a brave, selfless, fierce, kind and all-encompassing girl. She loves overcoming other women, and that’s one of the qualities I admire most. She’s a queen who loves helping other women find and keep their own crowns.”

We could not have said better ourselves.

Rihanna Stuns in a Silver Cutout Crop Top and Low-Rise Maxi Skirt Source link Rihanna Stuns in a Silver Cutout Crop Top and Low-Rise Maxi Skirt

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