Ridgeview girls tennis hands Golden Valley first loss of season | Sports

Ridgeview Wolfpack won three tiebreakers Thursday afternoon, beating the previously undefeated Golden Valley Lady Bulldog 7-2.

In Wolfpack (9-2), Ariana Sullivan won second place with Ariana Roman 6-4, 6-1 and Indah Giotto Aswar won two wins with Katrina Ramirez 6-1 and 6-1 in fourth place. Finished a fierce 11-9 tiebreaker to defeat Sadie Padilla at the top of the ladder. This means that Ridgeview will need three more singles wins to finish the Golden Valley (9-1) before the doubles begin.

They secured these three games in a dramatic tie-breaking fashion. Despite losing 0-6 in her first set, Sierra Barset is back to beat Jestin Flores in third place in the third set of 10-7. After 6-3 sets of each other, Sukham Kaur dispatched Itzel Franco 10-8 at number 5. Navneet Kaur then ran with a tiebreaker, beating Arely Villegas 6-4, 4-6 (10-6) to win. At number 6, make it a 5-1 Ridge view.

“I had them practice (tie breakers) during Monday’s practice,” said Ridgeview coach Laura Rice. The more I play, the better I think … and they can gain experience. “

Golden Valley coach Ed Crosby said he knew that “consistent” Ridgeview would be more challenging than other teams who played undefeated.

“Looking back, you can see,’Did you do this a little differently’ and’Did you do it a little differently’,” Crosby said. “But I think tiebreakers are something girls need to learn. I think it will help them in tight places later this year.”

After the results were decided, Ridgeview claimed two of the three doubles matches, with Sullivan and Burset defeating Roman and Daniela Castillo, and Lipandeep Cowl and Riya Sharma defeating Gabby Ortega and Alina Garcia. However, Nunez and Flores defeated Padilla and Aswar, and Nunez won both singles and doubles matches, making him the only Golden Valley player to score 7-2.

“Alex is playing very well all year round and the team sometimes feeds her,” Crosby said. “She didn’t feel like she played that well today, but she said,” Hey, I was able to win the match even on days when I didn’t play 100%. ” “

For Rice, a fierce home win helps players motivate themselves to get deeper into the league.

“I’ve had a really close relationship with them over the last few years, so I thought they would be tough,” she said. So hopefully it will keep us trying to achieve more and more. “

Both teams will return to the court on Tuesday afternoon.

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Ridgeview girls tennis hands Golden Valley first loss of season | Sports Source link Ridgeview girls tennis hands Golden Valley first loss of season | Sports

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