Rick Barker | Ignoring Young Conservatives?

Re: Royce Eisenberg, “Young Voters Making a Difference,” July 3.

After reading Eisenberg’s editorial letter, she may have deliberately ignored the wonderful young people of Santa Clarita Valley who happened to not share her liberal Democrat Blue opinion. thought.

I personally know many young people in this valley and have helped with political issues and conservative / Republican candidates. They turned out to be some of the most knowledgeable people of all ages when it comes to locals. , State and country issues. I am convinced that the young people Eisenberg speaks of are also wonderful young people who are knowledgeable and devoted to their goals and views … but they are our wonderful 245 in democracy. It only represents one side and the view of things in the year’s experiment. !! !!

The overall idea for celebrating (Independence Day) is to accept the ideals of the largest country ever, and even the flaws that are always present. And hopefully all these young people will have their own children and many generations to come.

Rick Barker


Rick Barker | Ignoring Young Conservatives? Source link Rick Barker | Ignoring Young Conservatives?

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