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In the race for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office, Los Angeles Police Chief Cecil Rambo won influential approval from Los Angeles City Council member Marquis Harris-Dawson.

Ahead of the June 7 primary, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s candidate Cecil Rambo wants voters to know that the cornerstones of his campaign are changing the culture of MPs and tackling MP gangs, prison reform and re-entry programs.

If elected, he will inherit many challenges from the department, but he is already making plans to address them. If elected, Rambo will be the first African-American sheriff in LA County.

Rambo recently called for the resignation of current Sheriff Alex Villanueva after a whistleblower revealed that Villanueva covert video of an MP with a knee on a prisoner’s neckfor months, and then took revenge on those who called him for it.

“This is just one incident that was revealed due to a leaked video, but who knows how many other troubling issues have been covered up during this administration’s corrupt and illegal mandate,” Rambo said in a statement last month. “LA County deserves better.”

For his part, if elected, he will work on mandatory reporting policies and call for immediate investigations into the misconduct, he told Sentinel last week. And he said he believed that “community policing should become a philosophy.”

There are at least 18 active deputy gangs in the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. A 1992 report by the Kolts Commission said that they were found “especially in stations in areas heavily populated by minorities – the so-called ‘ghetto stations’ – and the deputies in these stations recruited people similar to themselves.” .

Rambo is a longtime civil servant in the county, working with MP Mike Gipson and U.S. Sen. Steve Bradford on law enforcement and gang law.

And “when the sheriff’s department came under fire from the ACLU and the FBI for abusing prisoners, Rambo confronted his boss, then-Sheriff Lee Baka, and others in the leadership.

“Rambo called on Baka to stop hiding a prisoner’s informant from FBI agents investigating the abuse and to comply fully, but was ignored. In the end, Rambo testified against the corruption of the LASD, which led to the imprisonment of Baka and 11 deputies, “according to his campaign website.

Rambo currently serves as chief of airport police at LAX. He was raised by his parents in Compton and South Los Angeles after being adopted by Korea as a baby, graduating from George Washington High School in the mid-1970s.

After graduating from Humboldt State University, Rambo joined the LA County Sheriff’s Department and began a 33-year career in law enforcement. He has worked throughout LA County on patrols and other tasks, including undercover drugs for both the county and as a deputy federal agent.

In addition to eliminating the culture of deputy gangs, Rhambo plans to tackle homelessness, reduce crime and end the pipeline from school to prison.

His endorsements include California Comptroller Betty Yee, California Legislative Black Group Chairman and U.S. Sen. Steve Bradford, California Sen. Sidney Kamlagher, California Speaker of the California Parliament and State Assembly Member Mike Gipson, the founding member of the Pro and Member of the State Assembly Reggie Jones-Sawyer, California. Former California State Assembly member Christy Smith, former California Sen. Isadore Hall, and California State Assembly Honorary Spokesman John A. Perez, in addition to several organizations across the county.

Rhambo Makes Deputy Gangs a Cornerstone of His Campaign  – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel Source link Rhambo Makes Deputy Gangs a Cornerstone of His Campaign  – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel

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