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Rambo approved by a former LA County official advocate

LAX Police Chief bids on LA County Sheriff’s Office to win Ron Brown’s support

LAX Police Chief Cecil Rhambo is running for the LA County Sheriff’s Office. (Photo courtesy)

In another reflection of his support from the Criminal Justice Reformer, LAX Police Chief Cecil Lambo was approved by former Los Angeles County Public Attorney Ron Brown.

Brown was the first black man to hold a public lawyer’s post, leading the Los Angeles County Public Lawyer’s Office for five years and managing more than 700 defendant lawyers.

In a statement released with his support, Brown commented: As a person who worked directly with him in the LA County prison restructuring process 10 years ago, Chief Lambo is committed to making our criminal justice system more compassionate and transparent and protecting the rights of defendants. I know that.

“He is the best candidate to defeat Alex Villanueva and make meaningful long-term changes to the Sheriff’s Office, and I am proud to support him.”

Approval follows Rambo’s campaign to release a new online ad titled “Stop This Injustice,” which contrasts Rambo with sheriff Villanueva, to prevent incumbents from deputy gangsters, secret police, and corruption. Emphasizes the refusal. Inspector General and Los Angeles County Supervisory Board in opposition to the county’s vaccination obligations.

Also, the campaign has recently been announced as “recklessSpotlights Villanueva’s interview with Tucker Carlson on the Fox News channel. It is worth noting that this network continues to provide a platform for vaccines, those who question the January 6 riots as a result of the 2020 presidential election.

Lambo is a longtime civil servant and public security officer and is currently the Chief of the LAX Airport Police Department. Rambo was adopted as an infant from South Korea and grew up in Compton and South Los Angeles after graduating from Washington High School. After graduating from college, Lambo began a 33-year career in law enforcement and quickly moved up the ranks.

As a sergeant, Rambo was assigned to the Department of Interior to assist in the formation of shooting and unit response teams following the beatings of Rodney King. This is the first time that the Sheriff’s Office has used the Interior Department to extensively consider reporting excessive forces, such as creating a database that tracks police officer fraud records as an “early alert” system.
As a Deputy Secretary of the Interior Department, Lambo was instructed to lead a shooting and force response team and later to lead the Asian Criminal Task Force, where he was raped by an Asian or Asian to a group of investigators and multilingual deputies in Los Angeles. Ordered to investigate county crimes. Focuses on working with the community.

In 2000, after the city of Compton voted to dissolve the police station, Lambo was appointed captain of the Patrol of Compton Sheriff and returned to his community. For three years in this position, Lambo focused on community-based police activities in the city’s most devastated areas. As a result, crime, gang activity and road fatalities have dropped dramatically, and the first youth boxing and recreation centers have been established. Pave the way for the first Starbucks.

After leaving the city of Compton, Lambo was a sheriff’s community-oriented police focused on controlling violent crimes, fighting the homeless, forcing parking, quality of life programs, youth programs, and affiliated mental health response teams. I was asked to restart the station. A county-wide psychiatrist deputy and a crisis or hostage negotiation team to respond to high-level crisis events such as SWAT response and suicide barricades.

While commanding the COPS station, Rambo designed the basic model that the Sheriff’s Office uses to date to accommodate homeless people. Chronic homeless people provide them with bridges and supportive housing, and combine them with services such as dental clinics, showers, clothing, food, and partnerships with public defender offices to eliminate minor crimes.

Later, when the Sheriff’s Office was attacked by the ACLU and FBI for prisoner abuse, Rambo assumed his boss, then Sheriff Lee Baca, and other leaders. Rambo urged the idiot to be fully FBI compliant, but was ignored. Rambo finally testified against LASD corruptionAs a result, a fool and 11 agents were imprisoned.

As Airport Police Chief, Lambo leads the country’s largest dedicated airport public security force. Rambo was the Manager of the City of Compton from 2017 to July 2019 and the Assistant Mayor of Carson from 2014 to 2017.

Rhambo Endorsed by Former L.A. County Public Defender – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel Source link Rhambo Endorsed by Former L.A. County Public Defender – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel

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