Review: Bruce Wayne’s Makeover in ‘The Batman’ Adds Interest to Aging Franchise

When the trailer for Matt Reeves’ new performance in DC, Batman, it fell last year, I promised myself I would not see it. I can not think of a more overstretched imaginary universe that has surpassed Batman’s reception.

Like other classic franchises, such as Star Wars the Superhuman, are just the same characters in the same location with the same stories each time. Even the title, Batmanshows that we run out of names to name new Bats movies.

And yet, here I am. Mainly because nothing more interesting was released in theaters in early March.

One of my main problems with any Batman movie is that we always get a compliment on how Bruce Wayne’s parents died, as if their fate were no longer part of the most famous comic book story in history. I thought Reeves and company would at least do us a favor and save us from repetition.

Well, there is no literal flashback this time. But the whole plot revolves around Bruce’s family history.

It’s 2022 in Gotham City. Once again, we have Bruce / Batman (Robert Pattinson), Selina Kyle / Catwoman (Zoë Kravitz), Edward Nashton / The Riddler (Paul Dano), Oswald Cobblepot / The Penguin (Colin Farrell), Commissioner Jim Gordon (Jeffrey Wright) ), Carmine Falcone (John Turturro) and Alfred the Butler (Andy Serkis) as our fancy characters.

In this universe, things are neither animated nor surreal a la Christopher Nolan Dark Knight trilogy (2005-2012). Instead, we have artistic direction and production design similar to an emo music video from fifteen years ago.

Key politicians continue to disappear or die because of Riddler. and the more Bruce learns about his motives, the more he discovers that it has to do with his own father’s previous political career. While trying to find the whereabouts of the disturbed criminal, Bruce meets a local cat burglar, Selina, who wants revenge for the murder of her innocent roommate.

On paper, Batman has a lot to do with it. Reeves is a decent director, famous for that Cloverfield (2008), The Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014) and War for the planet of monkeys (2017). Pattinson is leading the big-budget studio’s first film since the end of the Twilight series in 2012, and the second cast is full of talent (as is usually the case with Batman films).

But for the most part, I have a hard time seeing who this movie is about. Aesthetically, it looks like the perfect Batman movie for any teen fan of 2006. But most action / blockbuster movies are supposed to be aimed at young viewers and I’m not even sure if many teens and 20s are interested in the emo atmosphere.

However, with how well the film is doing in the box office and with other critics, maybe the superhero tiredness has finally struck me. I will say, if there is one hero who can do an emo makeover properly, it will be Batman, with his famous moodiness and distance.

Catwoman is supposed to be bisexual with this version according to Kravitz, however Selina goes back and forth between calling her roommate a “baby” and only her friend. Of course, this could easily be just a cover for the couple’s safety, but we never get that on-screen confirmation, disappointingly.

The direction and the performances at Batman is ok, and i think Bruce’s remake was interesting compared to previous character reruns.

I’m sure there will always be new and longtime DC / Gotham fans coming to the movies to see the man in black. But personally, I’m very tired of these characters and I could probably go a whole decade without seeing them on screen.

Maybe if it weren’t for Zack Snyder’s entire Justice League universe in the 2010s, I would have warmed up Batman more, instead of feeling it.

Review: Bruce Wayne’s Makeover in ‘The Batman’ Adds Interest to Aging Franchise Source link Review: Bruce Wayne’s Makeover in ‘The Batman’ Adds Interest to Aging Franchise

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