Retired EG police chief joins Sky River Casino staff | News

Tim Albright retired as Elk Grove police chief this March and now plays a role at Elk Grove’s upcoming Sky River Casino.

Casino staff announced on May 24 that it will be its director of government and community relations. It will be responsible for connecting the casino with local, state and federal entities, as well as being a liaison with law enforcement, fire agencies and the Elk Grove community.

During an interview with Citizen, Albright said he is looking forward to working with the local community again. He retired from Elk Grove police after working in law enforcement for more than three decades.

“I’ve worked in the public service for almost 32 years, and this is really my first adventure in the private industry, so I’m excited to learn more about the hospitality industry,” he said. “This role still allows me to be part of the public service, albeit in our community, and build a bridge between Sky River and government entities.” Albright is being employed at the casino, which is a private company set up by Wilton Rancheria and Boyd Gaming.

Chris Gibase, Sky River project leader, cited Albright’s experience in helping establish the town of Elk Grove police force in 2006 and his work with local and state government programs.

“Timothy’s relationships and deep personal connection to the Elk Grove community will be critical to the continued development of the partnership with the city to create an economic engine for the region,” he said in a press release.

Plans are to open the $ 500 million casino project at a 36-acre site near Kammerer Road and Highway 99 this fall. Sky River will be the first tribal casino in Sacramento County and its staff is currently looking to hire more than 2,000 employees. The opening date has not yet been announced.

Albright told Citizen that he plans to start his new job on Sky River after he returns from a family vacation. He said he will likely work in a portable office at the casino’s construction site until Sky River opens.

Albright told Citizen that his first assignments will include talking to community members and groups, as well as government officials about the casino project.

He mentioned that the slogan “Better Together” was his favorite social media hashtag when he worked for Elk Grove police.

“One of my main roles is to ensure my commitment to the Elk Grove community, and I look forward to that responsibility and really getting back into the community in those meaningful environments and certainly representing Sky River as part of that,” Albright said. .

Wilton Rancheria has contacted local governments and created funding agreements to support local city services, the school and firefighters.

In 2016, Elk Grove City Council approved a memorandum of understanding with Wilton Rancheria for the casino to pay a total of $ 132 million to the city and other local agencies during the first 20 years of the agreement. This funding is intended to help mitigate the potential impacts of the casino on traffic and crime. These payments include $ 56 million to the city’s general fund, $ 36 million to Elk Grove police, $ 14.5 million to infrastructure improvements and $ 10 million to the Elk Grove Unified School District, according to the 2016.

In 2020, the Cosumnes Community Services District Council (CSD) approved an agreement with Wilton Rancheria to support the district’s emergency and fire medical services. This agreement will cause Sky River to make a one-time payment of $ 805,000, which would represent a development impact rate that the developer of a large project would normally pay to the district. Operation Sky River would also make annual payments of $ 887,000 to the CSD after the casino opened.

Retired EG police chief joins Sky River Casino staff | News Source link Retired EG police chief joins Sky River Casino staff | News

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