Restaurant jaunts create credibility issue for California politicians

Their message is clear: wear a mask, 6 feet away from others, and most importantly: stay home!

However, their actions have not responded to rhetoric and have caused real political problems for some of the loudest leaders in the California battle to contain the coronavirus.

Governor Gavin Newsom first came and won praise for issuing the first state-wide curfew in the United States in March. He and his wife were caught eating with 10 others at a fine French Laundry restaurant in Napa in early November, and many different household lobbyists and others sitting nearby without masks. I broke the rules of the state with us.

The mayor of San Francisco, London Breed, was at the same $ 350 plate restaurant a day later and ate with a San Francisco socialite and six others. The variety also won praise for imposing some of California’s strictest rules while keeping the incidence of coronavirus relatively low. Her spokesperson didn’t answer the question about how many households there were — state rules limit them to three. Her spokesman rubbed salt on the wound, saying she was trying to help a local restaurant. The French Laundry is 60 miles (97 km) away from the town.

Mayor Sam Liccardo of San Jose celebrated an outdoor Thanksgiving dinner with people from five different households at his parents’ home on Tuesday after tweeting that this Thanksgiving should be at home. A Los Angeles County supervisor then headed for dinner at an outdoor restaurant hours after resolving a ban on outdoor dining, calling it the “most dangerous situation.”

“We all really feel the tension in this, but there really is that element of hypocrisy,” said Melinda Jackson, a professor of political science at San Jose State University, who is currently struggling. Many people who are going to these very flashy social issues are mingling with people outside their direct bubble.

Revelation comes at a crucial time as the country copes with the dramatic surge in case rates, hospitalizations and deaths. It is said by the general public that it is more important than ever for us to obey the rules. But if the same leaders do not follow the guidelines themselves, their credibility will be shattered and it will be difficult to believe that their guidance is solid.

Kim Elsbach, a professor of business administration at the University of California, Davis and chairman of Newbury, said that consistency is important to believing that someone is honest.

“One of the main reasons people choose leaders is because they believe in trustworthy ideals,” she said. “People are really stressed by what they call uncertainty. They don’t know what will happen today, tomorrow, or yesterday. Especially when we choose leaders, their values, morals, Or ideally, they really want to be consistent over the long term. “

mea culpas was either totally present or not present at all.

Newsom immediately apologized for “making a bad mistake,” but said the rally was held outdoors. Within a few days, a photo appeared showing a group in a room surrounded by sliding glass doors on three sides. Perhaps it meets the technical definition of the outdoors, but the spirit may not.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that Bleed’s dinner was clearly in the same type of room, and her spokesman said she closed her indoor meal in her city three days later, but was allowed in Napa County at the time. .. She never withdrew the pandemic rule of six people per table. But there was no apology.

Likert of San Jose immediately apologized and vowed to “do better.”

A LA County supervisor, Sheila Kühl, spokesman acknowledged her outdoor dinner, but did not “sorry.” And in the early days of the pandemic, she claimed to have been founded by a conservative salon owner when surveillance cameras showed that US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had exploded when the San Francisco beauty salon was closed. And I refused to apologize.

Experts have said that admitting your mistakes and apologizing immediately is the key to moving forward from the political crisis.

It’s better to say, “I failed, it was ridiculous, I’m sorry, and it’s important that we follow these guidelines,” Elsbach said. “It takes only one event to lose that trust, that contradiction, and it takes a long time to regain it.”

How can they proceed in the midst of a crisis?

“I think they’re definitely doing their best from now on,” Jackson said.

Restaurant jaunts create credibility issue for California politicians Source link Restaurant jaunts create credibility issue for California politicians

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