Residents of Victor Valley can download a free reusable propane bottle on May 14 – VVNG.com

VICTORVILLE, California (VVNG.com) – High Desert residents can pick up a FREE 1 lb reusable / refillable propane bottle. at the Victorville City Center for Hazardous Waste (HHWCC) on Saturday, May 14 from 8 – 12 hwhile supplies last.

The city of Victorville HHWCC is located on Loves Lane, outside Desert Knoll Drive, behind the San Bernardino County Fair.

To get a free reusable propane cylinder, residents can bring empty 1 lb disposable propane bottles for disposal OR can simply sign a promise not to use disposable disposable bottles again. (Note: no other hazardous household waste will be accepted for disposal during this special event: only 1 lb. propane bottles will be accepted.)

This event is sponsored by the Mohave Desert & Mountain Recycling Authority, in collaboration with the City of Victorville and the California Product Stewardship Council (CPSC). Funding for this event is provided through a grant from CalRecycle, California Department of Recycling and Resource Recovery.

There is a limit of one free multiple cylinder per household. For more information about this event, call the Department of Environmental Programs of the City of Victorville at 760-955-8615.

Additional background information: As families prepare for the 2022 camping season, the Mojave Desert and Mountain Recycling Authority reminds campers and drivers to “fill their fun” by using reusable propane canisters instead of disposable ones.

One-pound propane gas cylinders are widely used to power a variety of devices including camping stoves, portable heaters, lanterns, portable showers, boat engines, scooters, and lawn care equipment. Although consumer-friendly, disposable cylinders create problems when it comes time to dispose of them. Disposable propane bottles should be taken to a local hazardous household collection center for proper, safe disposal. (Some parks and camps have also set up separate bins to collect propane bottles.) However, many disposable propane bottles are improperly placed in trash or recycling bins. This may cause a fire or explosion if it is crushed or compacted in collection vehicles or recycling centers.

Even when the cylinders are properly disposed of in a household hazardous waste center, however, they are very expensive to handle, usually costing $ 2 to $ 15 per shipping container, returning leftover gas, and eventually recycling the bottle to scrap metal. Local authorities and parks ultimately pay these care costs.

Locally, Joshua Tree National Park disposes of over 700 unwanted 1 lb cylinders each week. from campgrounds in the park, and their removal costs thousands of dollars. At the Victor Valley material collection plant, which serves the residents of High Desert and the San Bernardino Mountains, there was a fire on the balers, which was probably caused by exploding canisters.

1 lb disposable propane bottles should not be refilled, as prescribed by the U.S. Department of Transportation to prevent fire hazards. Watch their safety video to learn more about the dangers of refilling non-refillable propane bottles.

Residents of Victor Valley can dispose of 1 lb of unwanted propane bottles free of charge in the City of Victorville HHWCC on Loves Lane, behind the county fairgrounds during their regular business hours on Wednesdays and Sundays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Additional hazardous waste collection centers are available. in Apple Valley and Hesperia. Call San Bernardino County Fire at 1-800-645-9228 for more information on opening hours and locations of other household hazardous waste centers.

The Mojave Desert and Mountain Recycling Authority, working with the Fill Your Fun campaign, received a CalRecycle grant to educate residents on the safe handling of 1 lb propane bottles and the benefits of reusability to save money and reduce hazardous waste. Watch this short (45 seconds) educational video featuring an interview with a ranger from state parks and the dangers of mismanagement of 1 lb waste. propane bottle.

By switching to reusable, refillable 1 lb propane bottles, residents can save money, reduce waste, reduce disposal costs and save resources. There are a number of locations in the High Desert for refilling or replacing reusable 1 lb propane cylinders, including U-Haul at 14598 Palmdale Road in Victorville (refill), U-Haul in Barstow, Vagabond Welding in the Yucca Valley (refill), and Mobile station at 29 Palms (exchange office). For a complete list of locations and addresses where 1 lb propane bottles can be topped up or replaced, go to www.refuelyourfun.org or contact Info@calpsc.org

Refuel Your Fun is in the process of reporting additional locations for refilling propane bottles. Vendors who want more about participating in the program should contact CPSC at Info@calpsc.org.

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Residents of Victor Valley can download a free reusable propane bottle on May 14 – VVNG.com

Source link Residents of Victor Valley can download a free reusable propane bottle on May 14 – VVNG.com

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