Residents chart path to keep SVP from neighborhood

Residents of the San Diego-Rancho Bernardo area are stepping up the fight to keep sexually violent predators out of the neighborhood.

A group of neighbors say they are handling the problem with their own hands to stave off the proposed placement of the Douglas Badger at his home at 17836 Frondoso Drive. This shows the recent struggle of neighbors against badgers after officials and neighbors elected in supervised housing in the Mount Helix area rallyed in May against a similar arrangement.

Badgers convicted of crimes such as child sexual abuse, kidnapping, and forced oral mating have been admitted to Koalinga State Hospital since the late 1990s and were granted conditional release earlier this year.

However, like Mount Helix earlier this year, Rancho Bernardo residents claimed that badgers were unsuitable for their community and vowed to fight the placement.

Jeff Grace, who lives near the proposed home in Frontosodrive, said:

A group of residents said they were visiting a local home and urged others to share public comments against the placement before the October 29 hearing.

They also created a Facebook page on Tuesday with over 500 followers on the first day.

Kristen Steinke, who backs up the family home to the proposed home, said her children would then play within a few feet.

“It’s just unrealistic,” Steinke said. “That’s incredible”

Steinke is also a lawyer and is looking at ways to stop the placement on the truck. She works with residents of Mount Helix who have succeeded in preventing badgers from moving into the community.

“I want to be able to attack from every angle,” she said.

One area of ​​attack is reaching out to officials elected to gain support. Some, like San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria, have already expressed opposition to the proposed placement of badgers.

“This proposed placement at #RanchoBernardo is unprecedented and inappropriate,” Gloria said in a tweet on Monday. “We can’t support Badger’s placement in this community or elsewhere in @CityofSanDiego. We will officially consider it when the public comment period begins.”

Rancho Bernardo resident Channing Hughes said he is trying to hold elected local officials responsible for ensuring that they “really appear for us.” Hughes also said he is working with the Chelsea Wright Foundation, an organization founded 11 years ago in honor of Chelsea King, who was brutally raped and killed in the community.

“It’s amazing that they are on our side, showing their support and giving us some knowledge that we may not have,” she said. ..

Residents chart path to keep SVP from neighborhood Source link Residents chart path to keep SVP from neighborhood

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