Republican congressman says he’s contracted COVID-19 for the second time

Republican Rep. Clay Higgins said in a Facebook post on Sunday. Second contract with COVID-19..

Higgins also said his wife Becca and son were also infected with the virus.

“We all have good care and a good prognosis,” Higgins wrote. “We are generally very healthy and treatment of health concerns always includes western, eastern, and global variables.”

In his social media post, Higgins stated that he and his wife had previously been infected with COVID-19 in early 2020 before the World Health Organization declared a pandemic.

“Becca and I had a COVID early in January 2020 before the world really knew what it was,” Higgins wrote. “So this is my second experience with the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) bioattack weaponization virus … and this episode is much more challenging. It required all of my devoted energy.”

Higgins did not say whether his first COVID-19 diagnosis was confirmed by the test.

There is no evidence for Higgins’ claim that China produced COVID-19 as a biological attack. Most health officials believe that the virus has spread from animals to humans.But President Joe Biden Directed intelligence agency Continue to look for evidence of the origin of COVID-19 — including the theory that the virus may have leaked from the laboratory.

Higgins also called for respect for family privacy as the family recovers from the virus.

“I love and respect all of you. I am honored and humbled to serve you in Congress. Our mission continues. My family and I will fully recover. Your prayer support feels deep in my family and will never be forgotten, “Higgins wrote. ..

Of his 211 Republicans in the US House of Representatives, 114 are vaccinated, according to the report. Analysis released by CNN last week.. Former President Donald Trump said he had received the vaccine at the White House in January before his term ended.

Higgins has not publicly announced whether he has been vaccinated with COVID-19. He did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Scrips Station KATC in Lafayette, Louisiana.

by Centers for Disease Control and PreventionAs dangerous delta variants spread, cases of COVID-19 are increasing nationwide. The new variant is more contagious than any other strain of COVID-19.

Health experts say the best way to fight delta mutants is to get vaccinated. Vaccinated people have a high degree of protection against new strains and even higher protection against hospitalization and death.

Higgins is currently in Parliament for the third term and has been serving since 2017.

This story was originally published by the Scripps Station KATC In Lafayette, Louisiana.

Republican congressman says he’s contracted COVID-19 for the second time Source link Republican congressman says he’s contracted COVID-19 for the second time

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