Rent payment clue in the hunt for Wirecard’s Jan Marsalek

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Munich police investigated a € 80,000 payment from a Dubai bank account to the landlord of Jan Marsalek’s fiancée in Munich. This could prove a rare connection with a former Wirecard executive on the run.

41 year old austrian ran away It was the day before bankruptcy in June 2020, after Wirecard admitted that € 1.9 billion in cash and half of its earnings were absent. Marsalek, on Interpol’s most wanted list, has been accused by a Munich prosecutor of “billions of frauds.”

The once-high-flying electronic payments crash, which peaked in 2018, was a member of Germany’s € 24 billion good stock index and is one of Europe’s largest post-war accounting scandals.

Marsalek left a longtime girlfriend in Munich, according to those who outlined the study. He has been cross-examined by the police several times. Since Marsalek and his girlfriend were engaged, she can claim her spouse’s privileges and refuse to testify.

Marsalek’s fiancé rented a luxury apartment in Munich and paid a monthly rent of around € 6,600. Earlier this year, her landlord received a one-time payment of nearly € 80,000, equivalent to 12 months’ rent.

The money was sent from a bank account in Dubai from a person with an Arabic name, with the reference “für Jan” (“on behalf of Jan”). The money was sent to a bank account used to manage tenant deposits, which is different from what is used to pay monthly rent, people who explained the problem told the Financial Times. According to these people, the landlord reported the payment to the police.

A Munich prosecutor spokeswoman told FT that the investigator had received reports of suspicious activity from the landlord’s bank in that context and refused to comment further on the originally reported payment. Handelsblatt..

It is unknown whether the person with the name sent was actually present or was the alias used by Marsalek. A name very similar to the sender’s name is listed as one of Wirecard’s clients in Asia in one of the documents reviewed by KPMG during a special audit of Wirecard.

Marsalek and his fiancé lawyer did not immediately respond to the request for comment.

Marsalek is one of the most sought after white-collar suspects in the world. The day after wirecard auditor EY refused to approve the group’s 2019 results in June 2020, Marsalek took a taxi to a small airport in Austria, where he boarded a cash-paid private jet. FT.

He flew to Minsk, where his traces were lost. “We will eventually catch him,” Munich’s chief prosecutor Hildegard Baumler Hessl told MP during a parliamentary investigation into the scandal earlier this year.

Rent payment clue in the hunt for Wirecard’s Jan Marsalek Source link Rent payment clue in the hunt for Wirecard’s Jan Marsalek

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