Remember Flight 93 at Union City’s 9/11 Memorial Site

Union City, CA (KRON) — Union City has a memorial site that honors those who lost their lives on Flight 93 on 9/11. Passengers on that plane fired back, preventing the hijackers from hitting their intended targets.

At Union City’s Sugar Mill Landing Park, there are 40 granite rocks engraved with the names of the passengers and crew who lost their lives on Flight 93.

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This longtime Fremont resident and her granddaughters left a flower on each stone.

“Every year. Just knowing that our grandkids remember things we will never forget,” she said. At the time she thought she was doing a good deed, remember all the people we lost because she should have been on this flight that day.”

This year is 21 years since the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The story of Flight 93 is carved in stone.

The United Airlines flight took off from Newark Airport and was initially bound for San Francisco International Airport.

Passengers and crew on board fired back at the hijackers.Terrorists are believed to have targeted the US Capitol

Instead, the plane crashed into a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

“It’s just an honor for these people to sacrifice their lives, and it’s really nice to be here in honor of them,” said Union City resident Ray Medal.

The memorial was consecrated in 2007. Rey Medalle visited this place for the first time with her 6 year old granddaughter.

“I live here. We pass by,” said Medalle. “We never really had a chance to stop. So today we’re using it as a learning opportunity for a young child to tell her what that means.”

A memorial service is held here every five years. The next service will be in his 2026. Remember Flight 93 at Union City’s 9/11 Memorial Site

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