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Captain Shahid and family, wife Tiffany Mohammed and son ibn Shahid (courtesy of the family)

Honorary Captain of the Nation of Islam Shahid Mohammed was tall and strong at 6’7 “in his life, which he dedicated to helping black men and women in America. He died on May 20, and at his Muslim funeral service or funeral, many of the men for whom he sacrificed his life stood just as tall for him during a special prayer.

On May 28, the city of asylum in Los Angeles, the morgue of Rose Hills and the high school of Compton College, where the meal took place, were full of soldiers – men, women and children, touched by the harsh but gentle giant.

California Sen. Stephen Bradford, California Speaker Mike A. Gipson, Compton Mayor Emma Sharif and even the City of Auckland have all recognized the Great Cpt. Shahid’s service to his community with proclamations.

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His life was well lived, and many, from his children to civic leaders and the men he touched, vowed to continue their legacy in the service of the venerable Elijah Mohammed, the eternal leader of the Nation of Islam (NOI), and his student leader. and Assistant, the Honorable Minister Luis Farahan.

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“Each of you knows something about Brother Shahid, otherwise you would not be here. As I look in this room and see all the lives he has touched, it is a clear example that his life has not been in vain, “said NOI Western Region Student Minister Abdul Malik Saeed Mohammed, a funeral director. “What an honor to celebrate our brother,” he added.

Cpt. Shahid Mohammed was a special friend, admired most for his unwavering love of black people and justice, fearlessness and love for the brotherhood and the young black youth. Among those with fond memories of Captain Shahid Mohammed, whether challenging the police force or providing guarantees to the community, is Los Angeles Sentinel Executive Publisher Danny Bakewell, senior

Cpt. Shahid at a pin ceremony in a bar with one of the topics of the interview in the article (photo provided with the kind assistance of Jabril M. Muhammad)

“I had a program called Returning to our community of drug dealers and things like that. Both Minister Tony and Khalid (former NOI Minister Dr. Abdul Khalid Mohammed), we would go to the community and arrange for the brothers to walk around the community and talk to these young men, as the White Man would call these “members of the the gang, ”we call our brothers and sisters who had no jobs. And he was always there. That’s my point, “Bakewell said.

“He was guarding Khalid. He guarded Minister Tony and organized the brothers. And this is that impressive presence, “he continued.

Bakewell reflects on the reality that although there are many brothers like those who come to the nation with such abilities, Cpt. Shahid had such devotion and devotion to Minister Farahan, Minister and the teachings of the venerable Elijah Mohammed, that he flocked, no matter where he was.

Cpt. Shahid Mohammed helped secure the Honorable Minister Luis Farahan during his historic 1996 World Friendly Tour (this stops Nigeria) (photo courtesy of the family)

“He lived with this credo of honor to the Black Woman and the community. That was one thing. Every time we clashed with the police about something that happened, he was right there. You hardly had to call him. He’ll call you, “Bakewell recalled.

“Brother Danny, do you need anything? I’m available. Just call me, bro. Speak to the wind. I will hear you. This is something you can always count on. He could always be counted on to do the job and was committed to the teachings of the venerable Elijah Mohammed and the venerable Minister Luis Farahan, “added the longtime brother and friend.

Sajdah Karriem, NOI Western Region student MGT-GCC (Muslim Girls Training Class and General Civilization) Captain for the Honorable Minister Luis Farahan and the Nation of Islam, testified to Cpt. Shahid’s love and protection of the Black Woman.

“It was a great honor to know this brother, because every conversation with him was a moment of teaching and learning. “I will certainly miss our talks on ‘How to eat to live,’ and I can’t believe that when we talked two weeks ago, this will be our last conversation,” she said. “How to eat to live” is the diet program introduced by the venerable Elijah Mohammed in 1967.

She remembers a great brave soldier and servant of the great nation of Islam, a dear brother who understood his task and knew his purpose for his mission in the nation. “Let his name and legacy be remembered and lived through those many lives he touched. “May Allah (God) be pleased with the life and work of our dear brother and comfort the hearts of his loved ones,” she said.

Among these loved ones, Captain Shahid Mohammed left to continue his legacy: his wife, 17, Tiffany Mohammed; his children Kelly, Karim, Daoud, Kuiyama, Kenyati, Malik, Aisha, Amir, Sharef, Dayana, Ziyada and Ibn Shahid; 27 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

“One of the things that becomes so important to people who have suffered is that we seem to have more than other people in the history of the world, we have even lost knowledge of ourselves. One of the advantages of a brother like Shahid Muhammad is the example of a strict, firm loving brother who had everything God needed to stand with a man like Jesus and was ready to be one to give his life for such a man as ours. “People have been waiting for more than 400 years here in the North American desert,” said Sultan Mohammed.

Sultan Mohammed is a member of the Executive Team (E-Team) of the Honorable Minister Luis Farahan and the NOI Research Group.

“He was the one who pressed me when I registered in November 2017,” recalls 26-year-old NOI lieutenant student Jabril Mikhail Mohamed of the №75 Mosque in Las Vegas. “The way he taught men never bothered me because I knew it was all love. He was very strict / disciplinary and might seem abrasive to some, especially if they are not used to this type of discipline.

This type of training is all he knows, growing up in the nation and with his father, Student Secretary Ruben Mohamed-Winston Salem, North Carolina, who was also trained by Capt. Shahid Mohammed.

“I could see him and know that there are no malefactors. But he wanted cracked Fruit (Fruit Of Islam / FOI). If he didn’t love us, then he wouldn’t do the things he did or talk to us the way he did. It is always rooted in the love for Muhammad and his envoy and minister Farahan, “said Jabril Mohammed.

“You can imagine the upbringing I had. I have always strived to perform my post in a perfect way, so when Cpt. Shahid came, he would only say good things. I knew I was getting good training from him when he came to me and asked, “Who taught you?” Or “Can you hit as hard as your father?” And we would laugh… I look at him and his way of leadership and I pray to Allah to bless me with the ability to influence like our dear brother Captain Shahid, “he added.

“He was rare, one of the few,” said Dr. Aquile Bashir, founder and executive director of the BUILD program and the Institute for Professional Community Training (PCITI). “The brother was a real general and not only illustrates this in his character, but also in Dean’s portrayal or way of life in Islam and what Islam is,” he said.

“One of the things I’m going to say about Shahid is that he really gave his life for it, Islam, and he had a heart of gold. He will help everyone move forward and in short, he was a real soldier. He was a true general and lived by the code of honor and respect, “added the expert on mediation in violence, public safety and hardcore gang intervention.

Reflections on the Life of Captain Shaheed Muhammad  – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel Source link Reflections on the Life of Captain Shaheed Muhammad  – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel

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