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Lively face swapping video app Introduction Expands the possibilities of changing reality beyond selfies by allowing users to upload more of their content to bring AI to life.

Users of iOS and Android apps cannot upload their own videos generated by users, but with the latest features (called swap animations), humanoids (monuments, memes, fine art portraits, etc.) Or actually someone else) Choose from snippets of songs in the app and poems of the meme version of AI that you want to animate and make them look like you’re talking or singing.

Reface’s Freemium app has so far taken a carefully selected approach to user-animable content, with pre-set movie and music video snippets for selfies (and memes, GIFs, and more. Red carpet celebrity shots, salon hairstyles, etc.).

But new features — depend on as well on Reality-Bending GAN (Generative Adversarial Network) Algorithm — Extends the expressiveness of your app by allowing users to provide their own source material to face swap / animate.

Some rival apps already offer this kind of functionality. Therefore, there is a Reface element that catches up with the following apps. Avatarify, Wombo and Deep nostalgia..

But it goes a step further, as users can also exchange their faces for selected source content. For example, you can watch yourself singing Venus de Milo or recite a poem from the middle of a pop art painting like Andy Warhol. Marilyn..

The Andreessen Horowitz-backed startup says it’s still cautious as it expands what users can do with tech face shift tools, and manually moderates all uploads from new features.

Deepfake space rivals are undoubtedly pushing for faster opening of features. Avatarify We have already allowed users to animate their snaps. And in particular, a Reface spokeswoman said he plans to make user-created video uploads available “in the near future.”

It’s a bit more tasty as pro users can upload their own GIFs to face the exchange for this latest feature release.

“I’m really excited to see what Reface users do with swap reproduction, which is a major technical milestone in in-app machine learning technology,” CEO Dima Shvets said in a statement. .. “Reface content creators are looking for more tools for personalized content and self-expression. This feature dramatically expands the opportunities for vision and creativity.”

Still young apps were popular in the short term, and users were keen to show off funny face exchanges, so they attracted viral buzz through social media sharing.

As of March 2021, Reface states that it had 100 million installations in about 14 months of operation.

Reface now lets users face-swap into pics and GIFs they upload – TechCrunch Source link Reface now lets users face-swap into pics and GIFs they upload – TechCrunch

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