Recent Miller graduate receives national recognition for her dancing talent | News

Fontana AB Miller 2022 high school graduate Kassandra Hernandez has been dancing for as long as she can remember. Growing up, Hernandez swayed to the beat of the cumbia and bachata music he listened to at home.

Later in Miller, Hernandez’s talents were nurtured to their full potential, culminating in her selection for the exclusive Dance School Conservatory as a young woman.

Possessing a range of dance styles, including jazz, hip-hop, modern and ballet, Hernandez’s long hours of practice were rewarded when she was selected as the National Honorary Association of Dance Arts (NHSDA) 2022, one of approximately 160 high school graduates from across the country were honored by the NHSDA this year.

Hernandez was praised for her leadership skills and dedication, ability to collaborate with other dancers, grade point average and other intangible qualities such as alignment, teaching skills and event production.

Hernandez said she is grateful that her teachers at Miller gave her the confidence to resume jumping after an ankle injury had left her out for years.

“One of the statements that will stay with me is ‘Fill it out!'” Hernandez said. “In the field of dance, it means to dance with all your energy, even if you have tried a part 20 times or more. ‘Fill it in!’ it also involves not giving up in the face of adversity, discipline, perseverance and giving everything. Overall, I feel like a little bird ready to leave its nest and thrive in college. Thank you to my wonderful teachers for trusting me. ”

In addition to receiving the NHSDA honor, Hernandez left Miller last month with numerous dance awards, receiving the School Award for Artistic Merit, the Dance Star Award, and the Conservatory of Excellence Award.

She also distinguished herself as a visual artist and photographer, with honors from Miller, as well as the Fontana Unified School District and Arts Education Network for San Bernardino County.

“Kassandra is an excellent dancer and a special student,” said Nicole Robinson, dance teacher and founder of the Miller Dance Conservatory. “Conservatism is about more than just jumping, it is about growing as a person and I have had the pleasure of seeing Cassandra develop her skills in creative and thoughtful ways. Kassandra is a driver and a thinker, someone who can explore jumping to a deeper level. I am very proud of him. “

Miller began his dance program in 1995, founding the Dance Conservatory in 2009 to give advanced students an opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the art of dance, while also studying the dance business and developing critical skills such as advocacy, a field that brought about creative energy in Hernandez.

“Dancing gives me the ability to express myself without using words, which I like,” Hernandez said. “I have been able to advocate for women’s empowerment and self-doubt through dance. My Mercedes classmate Villegas and I collaborated on a project called “Divine Femininity,” which exposes clichés about how a woman should look and behave in our society. “

Reflecting on her time at Miller, Hernandez said she will miss the rehearsals late at night, stressing over her choreography, organizing jokes, engaging in flash mobs, going on field trips, being open with mentors and, most importantly, creating a family with him. classmates and teachers.

She will attend Cal Dominguez Hills State University in the fall, where she plans to study community health.

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Recent Miller graduate receives national recognition for her dancing talent | News Source link Recent Miller graduate receives national recognition for her dancing talent | News

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