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A group of activists, Elk Grove Hmong Americans (EGHA), petitioned Elk Grove Mayor Bobby Singh-Allen last week for a recall.

After the city approved the petition and word count on May 14, the group is working to collect about 11,000 signatures. The goal must be achieved by October 21st to list the issue on the city ballot for November 2022.

The recall campaign aims to expel Shin Allen from the position of mayor. She was elected mayor last year when she defeated incumbent Steve Lee and became America’s first Hmong mayor four years ago.

EGHA organizers claim that Singh-Allen made derogatory comments targeting the Hmong community. They also held a protest rally last summer against Shin Allen, who denied the group’s allegations.

Former Elk Grove Unified School District councilor Shin Allen participated in the Elk Grove mayoral election last summer after becoming one of the local women who claimed to have been harassed by Ly’s peers and supporters. ..

A month ago, she used her Facebook page to call the Hmong patriarchy “the dominant and intimidating system used to attack and silence these women.” did. It was the statement that led to a protest against Shin Allen, including an online petition to resign from the school board.

The Elk Grove Hmong Americans were organized by Elk Grove residents Mia Foster and Saivan, and Orangevale residents Marie Vue. Foster recently resigned from the group and never commented on Citizen why she left the group.

In March, EGHA held a press conference announcing the start of recall activities.

A notice of their intention to circulate the recall petition was that Shin Allen “continues to deny inciting anti-Asian hatred and Elk Grove because of the hatred she has perpetuated against the Hmong community. I refuse to answer the city’s supporters. “

This week, Vue told Citizen that her group is dedicated to Shin-Allen’s “responsibility for her remarks.”

“Everyone knows about pandemics. Hate crimes against Asians are on the rise,” she said. “The Hmong system is being used to intimidate and silence these women. Her words do not help the situation. “

Vue added that members of her group have spent the past nine months trying to get an apology from Singh-Allen through protests and comments at a city council meeting.

She also mentioned that the group met with Shin Allen to discuss this issue.

“(During the meeting) we expressed concern about her remarks,” Vue said. “She has shown a very positive reaction and I know we had hope for a solution. But since the recall announcement was approved, I have stopped all discussions. Therefore, she still works on a positive solution, adjusts it, comes out, and apologizes to the community for the words she made, the harm to our community. I don’t know if you’re interested. “

Despite the launch of her group’s recall campaign, Vue said the effort would be discontinued whenever Singh-Allen apologized to the Hmong community and enrolled in a cultural sensitivity class. It was.

Vue pointed out that her group began collecting petition signatures on the afternoon of May 14.

“We have had (a petition) for over a week and have collected about 30 signatures,” she said. “We are still trying to figure out what works best for us and establish a larger team.”

Mayor answers


In response to the launch of EGHA’s petition and their recall efforts, Shin Allen shared a statement this week, calling her allegations “a false allegation of racism.”

She also quoted Sacramento Bee’s report, which describes these claims as “completely groundless.”

Shin Allen, an Indian-American immigrant and the country’s first direct-elected Sikh female mayor, called himself a mayor fighting hatred of Asian Americans.

“In an era when our community needs to unite and fight anti-Asian hate, I have passed a resolution in Elk Grove to support the AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islands) community and need support. I have created a buddy program for AAPI elders to do. “She wrote.

The mayor was also aware of the support she received from Asians and leaders in the Pacific Islands. Among them are US House of Representatives Ami Bera and D-Elk Grove. US Senator Richard Pan, D-Sacramento. California Secretary of State Betty Yee and California Treasury Secretary Fiona Ma.

Singh-Allen also mentioned support for students from diverse backgrounds.

“As a former director of the Elk Grove Unified School District, I was an advocate for the most needed students, including immigrants, refugees, people of color, and students with disabilities,” she said.

In addition, Shin Allen praised his immigrant career.

“Like many immigrants, we came to America in search of a better life,” she writes. “My parents worked hard to provide my brother and I with a good education and a comfortable home. Thanks to their sacrifice, we are living the American dream.”

Recall petition begins against Elk Grove mayor | News Source link Recall petition begins against Elk Grove mayor | News

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