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In April, Ravi Shankar announced his intention to run for Vallejo City Council in District 4. Last week, Shankar was one of the first candidates to take out papers from the city clerk.

The 19-year-old resident decided at the beginning of 2018 that he wanted to run for city council, but after six months he changed his mind and withdrew from the race. This year he seems to be fully involved in his campaign.

“The 4th District is the most happening area in Vallejo, where all the citizens enjoy year after year among the many parades, festivals, art walks, farmers’ markets and marches,” Shankar said in a news release. “Downtown businesses, the waterfront, City Hall and the JFK Library, the Transit Center, the Empress Theater and numerous dining options offer a very unique lifestyle and activities for people to network with family and friends.”

Shankar said the district has needs for more affordable housing, opening more covered businesses to fill, illegal dumping, safe space for homeless people, inclusive creative community development plans on Mare Island, the Waterfront VPD building and their many lawsuits. controversy, revitalizing downtown ferry terminals, encouraging non-profits to engage and recruit our youth for volunteer work and a skills center.

“As a candidate for City Council, my goal is to proactively support the many compassionate and community-minded approaches of our veteran mayors by being a community leader and setting a good example of committed service on the various Boards and Committees I continue to serve on,” Shankar. he said “Since 2011-12, working with my proactive Sister Cities with their leaders, I envisage a Vallejo-Ensenada collaboration, increasing our level and our income, as well as travel/tourism, with creative IT, Environmental and Cultural projects. Peace between citizens and promoting cooperation can contribute a lot to mutual prosperity.”

Shankar’s volunteer work includes participatory budgeting, sister cities, Vallejo Historical & Naval Museum, County Library Board, VPD-Chief Advisory, School Board-Budget Advisory, Community Gardens on Mare Island, Kyles Temple, St.Vinnies & Emmanuel Temple , includes St.Vinnies Coalition & Mean Street to Green Street Project.

“I hope to bring better balance (Dharma) and compassion to the citizens of our District 4 on issues/matters of deep concern to our citizens,” Shankar said. “As an Asian American immigrant citizen of over 40 years in India, I would continue to energize minority businesses and residents to participate in our city through activism in our country. We can often advance many good projects with our collective wisdom, commitment, and shared responsibility to hold our elected officials accountable. without renouncing the right.”

Ravi Shankar running for District 4 city council – Times-Herald Source link Ravi Shankar running for District 4 city council – Times-Herald

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