Rattlers split Saturday slate with Cibolo Steele, Antonian Prep

The Rattlers had a selective finish in their final tournament before the area game.

San Marcos (8-7-1) started their day with a rematch at 10 a.m. with Norman (4-1-1) resulting in the Rattlers’ second defeat in the tournament, 4-3. But the team ended the day with an impressive 10-0 victory over Antonian Prep (6-7).

“We had a very good, healthy meeting between the games over what we had to do to finish these games,” said coach Bryan Webb. “I told them, ‘You were far away.’ “You are a game away from getting on a roll.” And you know, things did not go well. This is the game of baseball. “We just have to maintain our confidence, keep our heads down and, you know, baseball is a game of failure and understand why it happened and try to fix it.”

The purple and whites jumped to an early lead against the Oklahoma Tigers, with the power of sophomore Dylan Nunez shutting out the first four innings.

Junior Catcher Sunray Estrada led Junior infielder Steven Wilder to the bottom of the second in an RBI single to put the first track on the board. The Rattlers followed suit in the third inning, scoring another streak to extend their lead over another RBI single from second-year Kutter Gage Webb.

Norman then did a home plate run in the fifth inning, but San Marcos made his bats move again with another RBI single. Kutter Gage came in to finish the match, but the young Gavin Gomez made the save.

However, the three Rattlers runs they scored would end up being the only runs they would put on the scoreboard, as the Tigers returned with a roar in the last two innings. They reduced the deficit to one-sixth from an RBI single, and then capitalized on Rattler’s errors in the seventh.

The purple and white staff abandoned two walks and then hit two straight with a pitch to tie things up. Then, they forced a field into something that could be a double game, but they made a mistake on the field so there were no outs in the game and the Tigers took the lead.

San Marcos got off the mark, but did not take advantage of a full-fledged scenario at the bottom of the seventh, which ended in a double play by Norman, to split the tournament series with the Tigers.

“I think we try so hard, we actually make ourselves, in some cases we try so hard not to lose instead of play to win the game,” said Bryan Webb. “It’s not an attempt to reach an agreement with us right now. We’re just trying so hard, we’re just wasting it. And, you know, we played very mediocre baseball this weekend and we had a chance to win every ball game.

“Well, we ended up tying that first ball game (against Steele) and losing one today (by Norman) and we both had a chance to win both in the last inning, you know, and we went there and ran alone. . from some innings because we were trying to do too much. And we just play within the limits and do what we are supposed to do, we will be fine. “

The Rattlers started much better against Antonian Prep at 2:30 p.m. to complete the day and dominated all five innings that lasted.

San Marcos made the bats move early, making a significant seven in the first inning. The momentum of the purple and whites continued in the second, with Wilder leading senior player Johnny Pardo and Nunez pushing Wilder across the plate to extend their lead to 9-0.

“I think we are ready (to go to the area). “I think we are ready to kick the ass a little bit,” Nunez said. “It simply came to our notice then. I think we try to put too much pressure, we try to be the hero, when we just have to go there and do what we have to do. “

The Rattlers would put three more runs in the third and then bring their 10-row lead to the fifth, where the game would end in a win-rule rule. Second-year Vlario Prado would take the win of the day, allowing only one run in five innings.

The purple and whites will take over the pitch again and start playing in the area against Austin Westlake on the street on Monday, the game ends after press time. The teams will meet again in San Marcos on Tuesday at 7 pm

“I told them that going to this Westlake series, we have to go there and play solid baseball and not start like we did last year,” said Bryan Webb. “We started 0-5, 1-6 and then we had to warm up towards the end. I said, you know, we have to go to Westlake. Westlake is a big name. And I’m not saying it’s a big series because I always say that every game is a glorious practice. “But you know, the area will come in and start playing Westlake and I think we’re healthy and we’re ready right now.”

Rattlers split Saturday slate with Cibolo Steele, Antonian Prep Source link Rattlers split Saturday slate with Cibolo Steele, Antonian Prep

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