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Dr. Mauranaka Rengar, PhD, ethical philosopher, author, and professor and chairman of the African State University Long Beach School of African Studies

Twenty-six years ago, on October 16, 1995, we confronted Washington, DC with the power of more than two million people. Louis Farrakhan, the Islamic State, and important turning points and demands in our history, we have declared our commitment to take on new and expanded responsibilities in life, love, and struggle. The following is an excerpt from the Million Man March / Day of Absence Mission Statement. Black men and women are responsible, responsible for the government and corporate world, and focus on raising insightful and compelling current issues.

“At the heart of our practice of responsibility is to oppress us through a variety of challenges and hold us accountable to those in power who have mistreated. The core of the practice of telling the truth to power is responsibility and It is a moral challenge to stop abuse, exploitation and oppression, not violate human rights, and uphold the fundamental role of the structure established to secure human rights. Support their violations and it. If it violates that trust, it must be changed.

Historically, the US government has participated in one of the largest Holocausts in human history, the Holocaust of African Slavery. .. .. Moreover, after the Holocaust, racist repression continued, destroying life, communities and possibilities. .. .. Therefore, we call on the Government of the United States to make up for the historical and current mistakes it has made against Africans and other people of color. In particular, do we call on the government of this country to address the morally compelling issues of the Holocaust of African enslavement? To do this, the government needs to do the following: Publicly recognize the role of government and the role of the state in the Holocaust. I apologize publicly. We and humanity by preserving its memory, teaching its historical lessons and fears, and establishing institutions and educational processes that emphasize the dangers and destructiveness of denying human dignity and human freedom. Publicly recognize its moral implications for. Pay compensation. It then either continues its effect or discontinues all practices that threaten its repetition.

We are against the government in its role of criminalizing the entire population, destroying black leadership, damaging and confusing credibility, and otherwise incapacitating policies, imprisonment over education, and the weapon of war over social development. We also call for atonement for spending a lot of money. For dismantling regulations that did not check for deadly environmental racism, which curbs corporate environmental degradation and encourages the placement of toxic waste in the color community. And of course, we call for a stop for all of these.

In addition, we urge the government to stop revoking hard-earned profits, such as affirmative action, voting rights, and districts that favor the largest black political participation. To provide universal, complete and affordable healthcare. Providing and supporting programs for affordable housing. Pass the Conyers compensation bill. Abolish the omnibus crime bill. Stop reducing investment in social development, penalize the poor in cities and welfare, and stop using them as scapegoats. Adopt an economic bill of rights, including plans to rebuild a useless city. Develop and enact policies to protect and protect the environment. And stop the privatization of public wealth, space and responsibility.

In addition, we call on the US government to stop blaming colored races for problems caused by ineffective government and corporate greed and irresponsibility. Respect the treaties signed with the indigenous peoples of the United States and respect their legitimate claims and interests. We will expand and expand our efforts to eliminate discrimination by race, class and gender, stop the hatred and illusion of white supremacism, and help create a new vision of human and social potential. It has also been forced to urge the government of this country to develop wise and moral foreign policies to treat refugees and countries in Africa, the Caribbean and other Third Worlds equally. It allows external debt to former colonies. It promotes just and equitable peace and recognizes the self-determination of people in the Middle East, the Caribbean and around the world. We refuse embargoes that are detrimental to the entire population. It supports the legitimate and legitimate claims and interests of indigenous peoples and all Third World countries for achieving and sustaining democracy and sustainable economic and social development. Finally, recognizing the fact that American society is not a finished white product, but an unfinished and ongoing multicultural project, each with both the right and responsibility to speak their own special. Call on governments and nations to respond proactively To make a unique contribution to the cultural truth and how this society is reconsidered and restructured.

We have no social responsibility other than maximizing profits within the rules of an open competitive market by reducing costs, maximizing profits and constantly improving technological efficiency. By rejecting the general concept of, we start to challenge the company. Our position is that human behavior is not exempt from the demand for moral responsibility or from moral evaluation. The weight of companies in modern life is overwhelming, and their commitment to maximizing profits and technological efficiency is deteriorating and dangerous working conditions, large layoffs, harmful products that are expected to be beneficial, the environment. It can lead to huge social costs such as deterioration, non-industrialization and enterprises. Relocation, and reduced investment in social structure and development.

Therefore, we need and encourage businesses to strive to minimize and ultimately eliminate the harmful consequences of people, communities and the environment as a result of productive and consumer practices. Ask them to practice their responsibilities. .. .. Respect the dignity and interests of domestic and foreign workers, maintain safe and appropriate working conditions for workers, provide appropriate benefits, prohibit and punish discrimination by race and gender, move workers and Stop turmoil and stop reducing investment in social structure, hollowing out of industry and relocation in workers’ decisions that encourage organization and meaningful participation.

In addition, for businesses, reinvesting profits in lucrative communities, increasing support for black philanthropic groups, contributing to black education in public schools and traditional black colleges and universities, mainly at white colleges. I call on you to contribute to the education of black people. Universities; to open facilities to the community for cultural and recreational use and to contribute to the construction and other projects of community institutions to reinvest in the social structure and development of the black community.

Taking into account the benefits of black consumers, we call on American companies to offer blacks expanded investment opportunities. Engage in partnerships with black businesses and business people. Increase employment of black managers and regular employees. Conduct large-scale vocational training among blacks for work in the 21st century. We support the development of programs to stop and reverse the decline of cities. Finally, we call on businesses to show proper consideration and responsibility for the environment. Minimize and prevent pollution, deforestation, depletion of natural resources, destruction of plants, animals, birds, fish, reptiles, insects, and their natural habitats. Rebuild wasted and damaged areas and increase the number, size and variety of areas to preserve. And we were inevitable and without hesitation, we put ourselves in a righteous and relentless struggle to achieve these goals.

Dr. Mauranaka Rengar, Chairman of the African-American Studies Committee at California State University Long Beach. Managing Director of the African American Cultural Center (USA).Creator of KwanzaaAnd the author Kwanzaa: Family, Community and Cultural Festival When Struggle Essay: Position and Analysis, www.AfricanAmericanCulturalCenter-LA.org; www.OfficialKwanzaaWebsite.org; www.MaulanaKarenga.org..

Raising the Million Man March: Remembering and Reaffirming Its Mission – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel Source link Raising the Million Man March: Remembering and Reaffirming Its Mission – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel

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