Raising Cane’s Debuts to a Clamoring Crowd in Fresno – Should you go?

The first place Raising Cane’s Fresno opened its doors to an enthusiastic crowd and long queues of cars. They are located on the southwest corner of Blackstone and El Paso opposite Riverpark this week.

Although I usually prefer to support local restaurants, Curiosity really understands this cat when it comes to a popular chain making its debut in our area. I, like most people, like to know what an advertising campaign is.

My son is in high school now and chasing the best fried chicken is a pseudo-passion. It was no surprise when he texted me from baseball training to ask if we could get Cane for dinner. I gladly answered “yes” – you know, for research and blogging purposes. (Spending a night away from cooking may also have something to do with it, but it’s not that important here. 😉)

When we arrived at the parking lot around 6pm, there were three people from a security company directing traffic on two lanes. Although there is an indoor dining area, Raising Cane’s Fresno is a fast food restaurant, by car and most people seem to cross the street. It was very easy to enter the (long) queues from any entrance of the parking lot, thanks to the direction of traffic. (I’m not sure if this will be a continuous service or temporary, during the opening week)

The menus were shared while we waited in line

While we waited in line, a Cane employee offered us a printed menu so we could plan ahead. Cane’s menu is simple, as they have “one love” and that is the chicken fingers. According to the back of the menu, the whole chain was founded in 1996 by a guy who LOVED chicken fingers. He wanted to create a restaurant only for chicken fingers of the highest quality.

There are basically 4 main menu / meal options and what differentiates them is their size. Meals range from three (hearty) chicken fingers served with a sauce, french fries and a slice of butter toast for just under $ 9. There is also a six-finger meal with salads, potatoes, toast and two sauces for just under $ 15. Drinks are included. There is also a selection of chicken sandwiches with potatoes and a drink, although this does not seem to be the big draw. Baby meals with two chicken fingers and catering trays are also available. Chicken trays of catering size reach 100 pieces.

The complete menu table

As soon as we got a little ahead of the line, an escort took our order with a tablet. There was an option to pay with her. As soon as we got to the front of the line near the window, the employees were noisy confirming the names of the people and delivering their orders. We had ordered three meals and from the beginning of the line to the food on hand, on Friday night during the start week, it took us 26 minutes. Not bad considering the huge volume of cars that existed for the same reason.

Lots of people excited about good chicken!
Almost our turn for food – woot woot!

We ate our food at home, but everything was still hot when we got there. The breading of the chicken is crunchy and on the lighter side – not too thick. The chicken itself is very juicy and tastes good. The Texas-style butter toast was pillowy and satisfying. The french fries were fine – nothing exciting, nothing bad, and the typical Cane’s sauce is delicious. It’s not as sweet as Chik Fil A or Campfire sauce, as I would expect, but more of a spicy, creamy and savory sauce. They are a great pair for chicken fingers and french fries for sure.

My son’s Caniac meal (the biggest meal, he changed the standard salad with a second toast)

Our family enjoyed our Cane’s dinner and friendly service. I would definitely eat there again and recommend it to Fresnans who have not yet gone to try it. Personally I will probably continue to stay at local restaurants with chicken and food trucks as we have so many greats here, and my preference leans towards a spicy chicken (which is not a choice at Cane’s). However, Cane’s is definitely good and well worth it – and I give great support to the team that opened the local store and serves it with incredible efficiency and friendliness despite the huge crowd. Congratulations Raising Cane’s Fresno!

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Raising Cane’s Debuts to a Clamoring Crowd in Fresno – Should you go? Source link Raising Cane’s Debuts to a Clamoring Crowd in Fresno – Should you go?

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