Racers reach Seadrift, ending Texas Water Safari

The 2022 Texas Water Safari ended Wednesday at 13:00 at the Bill Sanders Memorial Park in Seadrift.

High temperatures and low water marks affected many of the rowers in the already tough 260-mile race – of the 138 teams that left the Meadows Center in San Marcos on Saturday, only 71 made it to the finish line.

The six-member “Black Flag” team, consisting of runners Andrew Condie, Clay Wyatt, Gaston Jones, Ian Rolls, Logan Mynar and Weston Willoughby and team leaders Jill Wyatt and Fred Mynar, took first place overall in the Unlimited category. . , completing the Water Safari in 40 hours and 56 minutes.

Two other unlimited teams finished in the top three: “GOTA”, with runners Chris Issendorf, Kyle Issendorf, Nick Walton, Tim Rask, Tommy Yonley and William Russell, and team leaders Wayne Thorpe and Steven Rask finishing second with a time of 42 .: 40. “The SMRF’s”, consisting of Dodd Yeager, Jason Cade, Shannon Issendorf and Virginia Parker, and team leaders Cecile Bugge and Kaitlin Mynar, finished third at 45:45.

Andrew McEwan was the top solo winner in 48:31, finishing fourth overall and claiming the Men’s Solo Unlimited category. Salli O’Donnell won the Women’s Solo Unlimited category and was ranked 11th overall with 65:57. None of the three participants in the USCA C-1 category completed the race.

Brian Jones and Nate Tart won the Tandem Unlimited category and fifth overall, finishing in 51:47. Holly and William Orr finished the race in 64:22, winning the Mixed Tandem Unlimited category and placing ninth overall. Joe and Libby Geisinger finished in 65:10, taking the Aluminum category and 10th overall.

Bill and Brandon Stafford won a USCA C-2 victory, finishing 14th overall with 68:08. Chris Champion and Wendell Smith reached 68:53 to become the only finishers in the Standard category and to finish 16th overall. Bren Rose and Trent Lowry won the Novice category and finished 24th overall. Both Katie Bee and Kim Kaiser won the Women’s Unlimited category and finished 34th overall with 77:38.

Chris Withers and Cody Hardin, who competed in the Novice category, were the last to finish in the Water Safari, arriving at the Seadrift just 18 minutes before the 100-hour limit.

Among the 67 teams that did not finish was Hoyt Moss, who hoped to reach the 5,200 Mile Club this year in the Aluminum category with the help of teammate Jay Jackson. Hoyt’s wife, Linda, said she had to retire just seven miles from the finish line due to excessive heat exhaustion.

“The toughest canoe fight in the world,” he said this year.

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Racers reach Seadrift, ending Texas Water Safari Source link Racers reach Seadrift, ending Texas Water Safari

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