Race, ethnicity, sex influence role of concussion in suicide risk

When considering the role of sports- or exercise related to the risk of suicide among young people, race, ethnicity, and sex should be considered, according to a study published on line 1 July JAMA Network Open.

Shawn R. Eagle, Ph.D., from the University of Pittsburgh, and colleagues explore conflict histories, race and ethnicity, and sexuality with reports of attempted suicide among young people in a cross-sectional study based on population using data from respondents of the U.S. Youth Behavior Monitoring Program between 2017 and 2019. Data were added for 28,442 survey respondents. Two Chi-Square Automatic Interaction Detection (CHAID) are built into the decision tree: a suicide attempt with a history of grief (SA-DEP) and suicide attempt without internal history (SA-NO DEP).

The researchers found a complex interaction between gender, sexuality, and conflict history for suicide attempts using CHAID decision trees, in contrast to a history of anxiety. The grief history is a strong predictor associated with SA (standard deviation, 11.24); The strongest mean factor associated with SA-DEP is confusion (half risk, 1.31). SA-DEP was found to be more at risk for Black, Hispanic / Latino, or racial and ethnic minorities compared to other genders (half risk, 1.59). SA-NO DEP risk was found for Native Americans or Alaska Native, Black, and Hispanic / Latino and ethnic minorities compared to the general population (half risk, 1.89).

“Physicians should consider how conflicts and stress can be particularly impactful suicide attempt based on ethnicity and ethnicity and natural sexuality, ”the authors wrote.

Sadness, anxiety about suicide among young people during disasters

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Race, ethnicity, sex influence role of concussion in suicide risk Source link Race, ethnicity, sex influence role of concussion in suicide risk

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