Rabid fox bites local Congressman | News

U.S. Rep. Ami Bera, D-Elk Grove, was bitten by a wild fox in Washington, DC on April 4

It was later determined that the animal, which was biting eight other people, was angry and has since been slaughtered.

In an interview with the Citizen this week, Bera recalled the attack.

“I was walking up the Hill about 5 p.m., on the Senate side of Capitol Hill, and I felt something pounce on the back of my left ankle,” he said. “And I thought it was going to be a little dog. I was carrying my umbrella, so I was getting ready to drive the dog away and I looked up and said, ‘That’s not a dog, it’s a fox.'”

The presence of a fox in the Capitol was a surprise to Bera, as he still did not know that other people had also recently suffered similar attacks.

Bera noted that he was also the first fox he saw at the Capitol.

“I’ve seen pretty aggressive squirrels,” he said. “From time to time, you’ll see pretty big rats and occasionally a raccoon. But I’ve never seen a fox on the hill.”

Although the whole incident lasted between 15 and 30 seconds, Bera said it seemed like a longer period. He mentioned that after being bitten, the fox was left around him in a crouched position, acting as if he could be attacked again.

The fox fled after someone on the ground shouted that the animal was attacking him, and Capitol police headed for him.

Assessing her condition after being assaulted, Bera found that a pair of pants in her suit were perforated. Then he threw off his sock.

“I didn’t see any blood,” Bera said. “Maybe there was an old scar. I thought it was old, but as a precaution I went to the GP. And they called Walter Reed (National Military Medical Center), talked to people about infectious diseases, and said, ‘No, you don’t want to risk with anger “.

Bera went to Walter Reed that night and received five immunoglobulin injections, one tetanus shot and one rabies shot.

He received his third rabies vaccine on April 11 and will receive his fourth rabies vaccine next week.

The congressman noted that the fox that bit him also had three kits that were possibly angry and were also slaughtered.

Reflecting on his attack, Bera told the Citizen that he was not afraid to walk the Capitol.

“I hope this is something unique, and no, it’s a beautiful spring day in Washington, DC and I’ll keep walking,” he said. “So I think it was just a weird event.”

Bera added that as an incident that “went viral,” the event became an international story.

“It was on Saturday Night Live this Saturday and Jimmy Kimmel reported it (on his national nightly talk show),” he said. “I got calls from all over the country, people I went to high school with. People I hadn’t talked to in a long time was checking to see how it was. So it was one of those stories that captivated everyone’s imagination.”

Going forward, Bera mentioned that he continues his work as a Member of the House.

“I’m fine,” he said. “It’s a lot of shots. Other than that, no injuries. I’m back to normal. I’ll be back in Elk Grove this week.”

Rabid fox bites local Congressman | News Source link Rabid fox bites local Congressman | News

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