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It may be arguable when the hockey season begins in earnest, or even if it’s over, Kings takes a new step towards the regular season by launching a rookie camp on Thursday. I took a step forward.

They did it on ice with a more complete group than they did at the development camp earlier this summer, including Quinton Byfield, who was second overall in 2020.

Byfield was on the sidelines during the development camp due to a foot injury, as well as the promising Alex Turcotte (5th overall in 2019), another fellow center that underwent appendectomy. .. Both are now back on the ice, and despite the six NHL games in Byfield that make up the sum of top-level experience, the pair is relatively experienced in some rookie camps for the first time.

According to Byfield, Kings instructed repeaters to help first-timers through the experience and is now taking them to Arizona for an exhibition game.

“I’m excited about the challenge and I’m excited to get out there and play hockey again. I’m excited about everything here,” Byfield said.

The void left by the cancellation of the Ontario Hockey League campaign last season allowed some OHL Junior Prospects to level up to the top minor professional leagues in North America. Byfield and other age-ineligible prospects, such as winger Arthur Kaliev in the rookie camp, were allowed to play in the American Hockey League after missing out on development camp for personal reasons. rice field.

“I was confident and really helped because I was able to hold myself at a very young age just by playing at AHL last year,” said Byfield.

Byfield said last year’s professional coffee cup showed how fast, intense and heavy hockey in the NHL, along with Kings, who failed on his way to a playoff mistake for the third consecutive season. Told.

“During the summer, I just thought about those games and I wanted to take as much as I could from those games and see where I was and what I had to train for this summer.” Said Byfield. “I’ve put a little more weight on it. I’ve been working on footwork. That’s what I did this summer.”

Ontario coach John Urobreski, who worked extensively with Byfield last season, said routes, angles, energy management and acceleration were key points of Byfield. Wroblewski thought Byfield was confident, mentally advanced, and became the “dominant AHL player.” Wroblewski added that the finish was an area of ​​Byfield’s game and wanted to develop quickly in the form of an “assassin’s mindset.”

Among the lesser-known people in the camp are eight camp invitees and three AHL contract players.

Among the most prominent first-time participants are Forward Francesco Pinelli, Kings’ second choice in the 2021 draft, and Brandt Clarke, the first defense to be ranked eighth overall this summer. Clark said earlier this summer that building muscle is a top priority. Both he and Pinelli had an impressive moment in the development camp, but it seems unlikely that either of the 18-year-olds will see the minutes at the NHL level this year.

However, Clark is Kings Blue Line’s first premium prospect since he drafted Drew Doughty second overall and Thomas Hickey fourth overall a year ago in 2008. Dorty won the gold medal in his only World Junior Championships appearance, and Hicky won the gold medal in both of him, including the 2009 victory when he was the captain of the team.

Clark was motivated by his failure to join the Canadian team last year, but was in the camp earlier this summer with a national team under the age of 20. He believes he will play an important role for them this season and for the Kings in the near future. So far, he is still a newcomer to the Toyota Sports Performance Center.

Quinton Byfield primed to lead Kings’ youth brigade – San Bernardino Sun Source link Quinton Byfield primed to lead Kings’ youth brigade – San Bernardino Sun

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