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As the war in Ukraine drags on, and as human and animal casualties rise, frustration and feelings of helplessness around the world increase.

All this because a man and his inner circle are bent on cold and selfish intentions, indifferent to the pain, cruelty, and suffering they inflict on others.

Over the years, Russian President Vladimir Putin has been hailed as an animal lover, posing with dogs, horses, and especially many young, large, and wild cats for the physical strength that these cats provide, stating that he is a protector.

Posing a political leader with a dog, cat, horse, or any animal, wild or domestic does not necessarily mean that the animal is a lover.

One has to know what a portrait is and what is real.

Vladimir Putin “owns” free dogs, all of them large dogs, given by leaders of questionable behavior. Currently Buffy, since 2010, Bulgarian shepherd, Yume, since 2012 female Akita, Verny, since 2017, Daughter and Pasha, since 2019, Sarplaninac.

Whether it’s photo shoots or state media messages, this is the dictator no animal lover.

On the contrary, he is a cold-blooded killer.

No ethical pet owner would ever consider or continue the unthinkable hell he has unleashed on people and animals.

It is a horrible and embarrassing thing that will be etched forever in history after its last breath.

They want to protect people who like animals, even if they are not “owned”.

In 2007, I saw this dictator join Koni in the company of his female black Labrador in a conference. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, one of the participants in the forum, learned that she was terrified by dogs when someone attacked her in 1995, and Putin deliberately brought this animal to power, control and fear. He was the only leader to attend a meeting with a dog. That moment reaffirmed that Putin was a fraud.

His “love” for animals is just a joke.

His act was reprehensible, that of a corrupt man, characteristic of his authoritarian rule in Russia. Napoleon shows a complex: machismo, it demands total dependence on others and will try to destroy anyone who deifies it.

He’s not a “genius,” just a killer calculator.

Most people with animal friends would never use animals to scare someone. The environment plays an important role in the behavior of animals and when it comes to encouraging attacks on animals, the result is twofold. The person’s distressing psychological “power journey” also causes animal distress by feeling human fear pheromones, which can lead to an aggressive reaction from the animal. Usually, humans are injured, and animals are kidnapped or killed for a completely unavoidable condition.

Since Putin’s war against a peaceful, democratic and independent nation on February 24, I have been constantly following the disappointing news updates in Ukraine.

There are many disturbing stories, photographs and footage of those fleeing the destruction of their beloved country.

People are carrying their pets with minimal belongings, as Putin struggles to protect himself from the bombs he ordered to destroy Ukraine, as a young Russian army is not clear why they are far from home. There are distressed neighbors at the zoo, such as the elephant Horace and all the other terrified animals. There are loyal zoo staff, without their own supplies, who have had to go to the zoo with their family members to walk the streets of their country because it has become a death trap.

The deaths of three volunteer animals were: 26-year-old Anastasiia Yalanskaya, 25-year-old Shehiy Ustymen and 28-year-old Maxym Kuzmen, who were shot for three days without food being delivered to shelter animals.

More than 2 million Ukrainians have fled their homes since the fighting began. As a result of the disaster, animals, dogs, cats and caged birds were left behind.

Putin and his friends are war criminals. They are responsible for the killing of innocent Ukrainian children, women and men, including young Russian soldiers sent to be killed in a war they did not understand. About 13,000 Russian civilians protesting the war have been arrested in a country where protests have already been banned.

Although Putin is trying to silence the outcry, the voice of anger in Russia continues.

Vladimir Putin is also forcibly destroying our biosphere with his war.

At a critical time when the world is trying to bring ecological welfare to the planet, it is responsible for the death of animal species and the decimation of trees and vegetation.

It is a risk to each of us.

This dictator who likes to pose with animals has no love in his heart, nor any respect for the sanctity of life. It needs to be stopped.

– The author is the founder / director of the Harmony Kennels Foundation, education 501 (c) 3 and PO Box 5112, Vacaville, Ca 95696.

Putin — who is no animal lover — must be stopped – Times-Herald Source link Putin — who is no animal lover — must be stopped – Times-Herald

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