Punjabi community voices opinions on redistricting map in city council meeting

BAKERSFIELD, California (KERO) – Bakersfield City Council is one step closer to completing a map based on the latest census data, and the way forward is one that has shown support from community members.

Members of the Punjabi Sikh community wanted this map because it would only keep them in districts 5 and 7 and help them better represent it.

There was a full House of Commons meeting on Wednesday night as they came out to show support for one of the maps proposed by community members, 5B.

At the meeting, this draft map was approved in a 4-2 vote to move forward.

“Punjabi is a deep community. Whenever we need help and the resources we want, we will all come together and in that, this ‘ect’ becomes unity and very excited.”

With the Harveen Kaur Jakara Movement, the organization helped push the 5B map, as it would keep the Punjabi community in two districts instead of four.

“It simply came to our notice then. There are many factors to decide with this force who your representatives are, what resources are allocated to your community, and all of this has a direct impact on this process of reshuffle.

Community members came out to show their support, 30 people asked to speak, all against the 2C map draft or 5B in favor of the map draft.

“Map 5B will keep the Sikh community together, enabling our elected officials to better assess and address our culturally appropriate needs and, at the same time, be able to provide culturally appropriate resources more efficiently and effectively.” said Raji Brar.

Others added that this map would not only help the Punjabi community, but also other communities of color that feel represented.

“Voting for this map not only meets the legal requirements of the city, it also fulfills our ethical mandate to maximize the voice of those who have not been heard historically,” said Traco Matthews.

Punjabi Sikh members from different generations, areas and backgrounds came together to show council members that they do not want to divide their community.

“We, the Sikh community, have never had the opportunity to have a united voice, even as we work to help our city move forward day by day. Tonight is a night that you can change.”

At the next municipal meeting on April 6, the second reading of the draft map 5B will take place and the deadline for approval of the map will end on April 22.

Punjabi community voices opinions on redistricting map in city council meeting Source link Punjabi community voices opinions on redistricting map in city council meeting

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