Pug puppy born with upside down paws dies in surgery

LUTHER, Oklahoma – A puppy born with its legs upside down has died.

Oliver and Friends Farm Rescue and Sanctuary posted it on Facebook on Monday evening, saying that the Mila pug puppy had a cardiac arrest under anesthesia.

Despite 12 attempts at CPR, he was unable to recover.

The Facebook post says: “She was so loved and we are deleted, as is her veterinarian’s team. Please allow me some time to begin this process of crushing the soul of her mourning. I would do anything to get a better update.”

The KJRH previously reported in Tulsa, Oklahoma, that the animal sanctuary was seeking help after rescuing a pug dog born with a rare disease.

He was born with a thousand dislocated elbows and faces upside down.

They were rescued a thousand times for the first time Skiatook Paws and Claws Rescue with his brother, who also had the condition but only on one leg. The rescuers then contacted Oliver and Friends, who had previously dealt with the situation with another dog.

Oliver and Friends Farm Rescue and Sanctuary via Facebook

Mila will undergo surgery on Monday, May 23 to repair her dislocated and upside-down elbows.

“Without surgery, he will never walk, run or play like an ordinary dog,” the Facebook post said.

A thousand CT scans were sent to the surgeon for a full view of his condition.

That was the plan “to align the bones and use an external fixator and a thick rubber band to hold the ulna (the lower bone in the lower leg) and the humerus, holding everything in place” In order to give some movement to the thousand.

This story was first given by Emily Farris KJRH Tulsan, Oklan.

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Pug puppy born with upside down paws dies in surgery Source link Pug puppy born with upside down paws dies in surgery

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