PS5 Pro: Release date, price, specs and more rumors

Almost a year later Sony Announcing the cutting edge PS5 Console, maybe you still have Check Twitter faithfully, Desperately trying to find something that isn’t part of the sure thing-I’ll pay-$ 500-more bundles. (or Xbox series X.. There is no judgment. But it’s never too early to start thinking about the next console that may not be available. After all, if there’s something on the horizon that’s the same or better, why not rest your Twitter trawl net? Therefore, early rumors about the new PS5 Pro arise.At the moment, the only chip-based leak comes from a reputable one Moore’s Law is dead (MLID), which claims Sony is working on a new, higher spec model for the PS5.

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The rest is pure speculation, likely to arrive within a year from late 2023, priced at $ 600- $ 700, and includes future plans. 6nm Zen3 or Zen4 AMD Silicon Promote 8K gameplay. However, the next PS5 most likely is a model with VR (Commonly called “PSVR2”2022 Sony is already previewing new hardware. It’s different from the PS4 strategy, but there’s no reason why Sony doesn’t consider it a “professional” model and doesn’t push internal hardware upgrades to the PS6.

As most people have pointed out, no one wants 8K. But it uses upgraded hardware to drive frame rates over 120fps in 4K-or frankly, strike 120fps at 4K, it seems to be struggling to achieve that, Now only a handful can actually do it -Not very attractive, but it makes a lot of sense.

And it’s much less likely, but I welcome the really cheap “PS5 Slim” Xbox Series S, For beginners and price-sensitive gamers.

When will the PS5 Pro ship and how much will it cost?

The name “PS5 Pro” comes from the convention Sony used for upgraded PS4 consoles. PS4 Pro, And there seems to be consensus on that. MLID estimates the timing of 2023-2024 based on the release of Sony’s PS4 Pro three years after PS4.

Prices between $ 600 and $ 700 are abused based on assumptions about the typical $ 100 price difference between models. But given that we know very little about what’s inside and when the current upward pressure on prices caused by the shortage will end, it’s almost impossible to even guess. So $ 600 is just as good as the quote for the high-end model.

What will happen to the PS5 Pro specs?

No clues, but you won’t be surprised if boosted Next Generation AMD ProcessorGiven the estimated time frame, Zen4 architecture CPUs and RDNA3 architecture GPUs make sense.

PS5 Pro: Release date, price, specs and more rumors Source link PS5 Pro: Release date, price, specs and more rumors

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