Producers Guild nominees confirm top Oscar contenders

The Producers Guild of America nominations were announced for a resolution on Monday during the award season, which was confused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Producers Guild of America Award is considered the final Oscar nomination and award-winning credible bell. Since its inception, the PGA has predicted 21 of the 31 Best Picture Winners in the past.

The widespread closure of the theater last year prevented many award-winning candidates from participating, but PGA’s 10 Best Picture Award candidates include intimate fares such as Chloé Zhao’s Nomadland. It covers a wide range in terms of genre, scale and subject matter. ,”these days Received the Golden Globe Award The best photographs in the drama category, historical films dealing with racial and political issues such as Lee Isaac Chung’s portraits of Korean immigrant families “Minari”, “Judas and the Black Messiah”, “One Night” In Miami … “and” Chicago 7 Trial “.

Three of the best film award candidates were directed by women: “Nomadland,” Regina King’s “One Night in Miami …” and Emerald Fennell’s “Promising Young Woman.” .. Following widespread criticism that there are no black-led films in the Best Picture nominations, PGA nominations include “Minari,” “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom,” “Minari,” and “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom.” Includes 4 movies. That night in Miami … “and” Judas and the Black Messiah. “

Some of this award season’s mix, including Spike Lee’s “Da Five Blood,” Anthony Hopkins’ drama “The Father,” and Paul Greengrass’ Western “News of the World.” The movie failed to cut. Of some of the major studio movies competing for this year’s struggle.

Given the closure of the cinema, the streaming company naturally showed a strong show with nominations, with half of the nominations directed to movies released by Netflix and Amazon Studios.

The Producers Guild of America Award will be distributed at a virtual ceremony on March 24, one month before the Academy Awards scheduled for April 25.

Below is a complete list of recommendations:

Theatrical film producer

“Continued Borat Movie Film” Producers: Sacha Baron Cohen, Monica Levinson, Anthony Hines

“Judas and the Black Messiah” Producers: Charles D. King, Ryan Coogler, Shaka King

“Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom” Producers: Denzel Washington, Todd Black

“Munk” Producers: Ceán Chaffin, Eric Roth, Douglas Urbanski

“Minari” Producer: Christina Oh

“Nomads” Producers: Frances McDormand, Peter Spears, Mollye Asher, Dan Janvey, Chloe Zhao

“That night in Miami …” Producers: Jess Wu Calder & Keith Calder, Jody Crane

“Promising young woman” Producers: Josie McNamara, Ben Browning, Ashley Fox, Emerald Fennell

“Sound of Metal” Producers: Bert Hamelinck, Sacha Ben Harroche

“The Trial of the Chicago 7” Producers: Marc Platt, Stuart Besser

Theatrical film producer

“The Cruise: Anew Age” Producer: Mark Swift

“Or later” Producer: Kori Rae

“Beyond the moon” Producers: Gennie Rim, Peilin Chou

“soul” Producer: Dana Leigh Murray

“Wolfwalkers” Producers: Paul Young, Nora Twomey, Tom Moore, Stephen Laurent

Episode TV Producers-Drama

“Better Call Saul” (Season 5) Producer: * Eligibility determination pending *

“Bridgerton” (Season 1) Producer: * Eligibility determination pending *

“The Crown” (Season 4) Producers: Peter Morgan, Suzanne Mackie, Stephen Daldry, Andy Harries, Benjamin Caron, Matthew Byam Shaw, Robert Fox, Michael Casey, Andy Stepving, Martin Harrison, Oona Oburn

“The Mandalorian” (Season 2) Producers: Jon Favreau, Dave Filoni, Kathleen Kennedy, Colin Wilson, Karen Gilchrist, John Bartnicki, Carrie Beck

“Welcome to Ozark” (Season 3) Producers: Jason Bateman, Chris Mandy, Bill Dubuque, Mark Williams, Patrick Markey, John Shiban, Miki Johnson, Matthew Spiegel, Erin Mitchell, Martin Zimmerman, Peter Sorel

Episode TV Producer-Comedy

“Curb Your Enthusiasm” (Season 10) Producer: * Eligibility determination pending *

“Flight Attendant” (Season 1) Producers: Greg Berlanti, Kaley Cuoco, Steve Yockey, Meredith Lavender, Mercy Urin, Sarah Schecter, Sae Yamamoto McCormack, Jess Meyer, Raymond Quinnlan, Jennifer Lence, Erica Kennea

“Schitt’s Creek” (Season 6) Producers: Eugene Levy, Daniel Levy, Andrew Barnsley, Fred Levy, David West Reed, Ben Fagin, Michael Short, Kurt Smeaton, Costa Olfanidis

“Ted Lasso” (Season 1) Producers: Bill Lawrence, Jason Sudeikis, Jeff Ingold, Bill Wrubel, Liza Katzer, Jane Becker, Jamie Lee, Kip Kroger, Brendan Hunt, Tina Public, Joe Kelly

“What we do in the shadows” (Season 2) Producers: Jemaine Clement, Taika Waititi, Paul Simms, Scott Rudin, Garrett Basch, Eli Bush, Stefani Robinson, Sam Johnson, Marika Sawyer, Derek S. Lapaport

Limited Series TV Producer

“I may destroy you” Producer: * Eligibility determination pending *

“People” Producers: Lenny Abrahamson, Sally Rooney, Ed Guiney, Andrew Law, Emma Norton, Anna Ferguson, Catherine Maggie

“Queen’s Gambit” Producers: William Horberg, Alan Scott, Scott Frank, Marcus Roges, Mick Aniseto

“Undo” Producers: Susanne Bier, David E. Kelley, Per Saari, Nicole Kidman, Bruna Papandrea, Stephen Garrett, Celia Costas, Deb Dyer

“Unorthodox” Producers: Anna Winger, Henning Kamm, Alexa Karolinksi

TV or streaming movie producer

“Bad education” Producers: Fred Berger, Eddie Vaisman

“Christmas on the Square on the Square” Producer: * Eligibility determination pending *

“Hamilton” Producers: Thomas Kail, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jeffrey Cellar

“Jane Goodall: Hope” Producer: * Eligibility determination pending *

“What does the Constitution mean to me?Producer: * Eligibility determination pending *

Nonfiction TV Producer

“60 minutes” (season 53) Producer: Bill Owens

“Last Dance” (Season 1) Producer: * Eligibility determination pending *

“”Laurel Canyon Producer: * Eligibility determination pending *

“McMillion $” (Season 1) Producer: * Eligibility determination pending *

“Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, Madness” Producer: * Eligibility determination pending *

Live Entertainment and Talk TV Producer

“8: 46-Dave Chappelle” (Special) Producer: * Eligibility determination pending *

“Daily Show with Trevor Noah” (Season 26) Producer: * Eligibility determination pending *

“Last week tonight with John Oliver” (Season 7) Producer: * Eligibility determination pending *

“Late Show with Stephen Colbert” (Season 6) Producer: * Eligibility determination pending *

“Saturday Night Live” (Season 46) Producer: * Eligibility determination pending *

Game and competitive TV producer

“Amazing Race” (Season 32) Producers: Jerry Bruckheimer, Bertram van Münster, Jonathan Littman, Elise Doganieri, Mark Berturo, Phil Keoghan

“Masked singer” (season 3, season 4) Producer: * Eligibility determination pending *

“Successful!” (Season 4) Producer: * Eligibility determination pending *

“RuPaul’s Drag Grace” (Season 12) Producer: * Eligibility determination pending *

“The Voice” (Season 18, Season 19) Producer: * Eligibility determination pending *

Documentary film producer

The PGA previously announced candidates for this category on February 2, 2021. Candidates are listed below with the names of eligible producers.

“David Attenborough: Life on Our Planet” Producer: Johnny Hughes

“Dick Johnson is dead” Producers: Kirsten Johnson, Katy Chevigny, Marilyn Ness

“My octopus teacher” Producer: Craig Foster

“Softy” Producers: Tony Kamau, Sam Soko

“Thousand cuts” Producers: Ramona S. Diaz, Leah Marino, Julie Goldman & Christopher Clements, Carolyn Hepburn

“time” Producers: Lauren Domino, Kellen Quinn, Garrett Bradley

“Truffle hunter” Producers: Michael Dweck, Gregory Kershaw

Producers Guild nominees confirm top Oscar contenders Source link Producers Guild nominees confirm top Oscar contenders

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