Private contractor will help Long Beach clean up homeless encampments – Press Telegram

Long Beach is looking for a contractor to help the Department of Parks, Recreation and the Navy clean up publicly owned homeless camps.

It’s a great job. In the last fiscal year, the department has carried out 550 clean-ups, according to Raúl Martínez, the department’s interim superintendent of land.

The call for proposals was out for most of April. The notice talks about cleaning up parks and beaches, reducing rubbish and special collection services within urban parks, open spaces and beaches. However, Beach Maintenance Superintendent Hurley Owens said the main job is to take care of the camps.

“We’re in the parks and on the beaches every day, just like our partners,” Owens said. “When we see a camp, we have the authority to go ahead and publish it.

“All of this was finalized with the departments after the verdict was handed down,” he added.

That ruling came from the courts, which requires officials to warn anyone who has slept in public spaces or encamped illegally 72 hours in advance before removing any property. In Long Beach, that came in the form of putting up a sign warning when the area will be cleared unless people remove the material.

Over the past year, the cleaning of large campgrounds in the parks of Los Angeles and along Venice Beach has been front-page news. No such clashes have taken place in Long Beach, and attempts to get feedback from the homeless community have failed.

Camps can be occupied by one or more people; the process is the same, Martinez said. Once a vacancy has been published, the Parks Department or its contractor coordinates with homeless care teams and Police Quality of Life teams to ensure that they are offered help finding shelter and services.

Treating people with respect is key, Owens added. In fact, one of the requirements of the call for proposals is “Ability to deal with park customers, homeless people and service animals.”

Owens said the city had set aside about $ 84,000 to hire cleaning assistance. With the publication and attempts to persuade people to agree to seek help, managing the camps can take a long time.

More help came from the city’s Clean Teams, created as part of the Long Beach Recovery Act. According to the statement, a total of $ 4 million has been allocated to support Clean City-wide efforts, such as cleaning up parks and public roads, reducing garbage, and collaborating with neighborhood associations for economic recovery.

Once cleaning has begun, equipment should separate trash from personal items. While garbage is removed immediately, items considered personal items are stored for 90 days so that people can claim them before the material is thrown away.

Technically, both the parks and beaches of Long Beach are closed at 10pm and will reopen at dawn. Camping is not allowed except for groups with special permits in El Dorado Regional Park.

As the weather warms and summer approaches, more homeless people migrate to the beaches. In recent years, areas along the cliff and near the pier have seen large camps emerge, prompting complaints from residents.

Private contractor will help Long Beach clean up homeless encampments – Press Telegram Source link Private contractor will help Long Beach clean up homeless encampments – Press Telegram

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