Private chef parties at home startup Yhangry raises $1.5M Seed from VC angels and Ollie Locke – TechCrunch

These days there is “Everything Uber” and now there is “Personal Chef Uber”.please look PopTop Or 100 pleats For example.Now in london Yang Li (This brands itself as a properly shouty YHANGRY). This is the “Private Chef Party at Home” website, and at some point it’s definitely an app. The startup has now raised $ 1.5 million in seed rounds from many prominent British angels. This includes several British VCs and “Made in Chelsea” TV star OLAP Locke.

Founders Heinin Zhang and Siddhi Mittal created the startup before the pandemic. This allows people to order bespoke dinner parties online. It was moving around until Covid, but during last year’s blockade, I had to pivot to a virtual chef class. The company is now ready to take advantage of London unlocking. This will bring back legitimate outdoor and indoor dining.

Startups also talk about the decentralization of experience that has been triggered by pandemics. In 2019, we were exercising at the gym and going to restaurants. In 2021 we are exercising at home and bringing us a restaurant.

Booking a private dinner party usually takes a lot of work. The idea here is that Yhangry is as easy to order as Uber Eats and Deliveroo.

Investors in the seed round include Carmen Rico (Blossom Capital), Eileen Burbidge (Passion Capital), Othon Stadler (Antler), Martin Mignot (Index Ventures), Made in Chelsea S’olilly Locke, and Jack Tongue (Urban). ) And other technology founders are included. , Adnan Ebrahim (MindLabs), Alex Fitzgerald (Cuckoo Internet), Georgina Kirby (Vinehealth), Deepali Nangia (AlmaAngels). According to Yhangry’s statement, every investor is also an avid customer. I’m sure it is.

Co-founder Mittal said in a statement: “By making the private chef experience more accessible and affordable, customers can regularly catch up with their friends at home. For them, the freedom and flexibility to curate their nights is valuable. is.”

Yhangry’s book currently has 130 chefs. The chef must pass the cooking trial and adhere to Covid’s rules. The funds will be used to double the size of the startup team.

The menu starts at £ 17pp for 6 people. The booking price covers everything, including the cost of fresh ingredients, but customers can add additional charges such as wine. Since its launch in December 2019, the company states that it has served more than 7,000 Londoners.

Yhangry says it will enter major European markets such as Paris, Berlin, Lisbon and Barcelona.

How will Yhangry survive after Covid with restaurants and bars reopening?

Mittal said: “When the restaurant opened between launch and March 2020, people wanted to spend time with their friends in a relaxed atmosphere, and there was demand because it wasn’t limited to a two-hour time frame. Restaurant. When the place begins to reopen, Yhangry believes to follow this family dining and social trend, not to mention those who are not yet ready to go to busy pubs and restaurants. “

Private chef parties at home startup Yhangry raises $1.5M Seed from VC angels and Ollie Locke – TechCrunch Source link Private chef parties at home startup Yhangry raises $1.5M Seed from VC angels and Ollie Locke – TechCrunch

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