Prince Harry Will Return to England in the Wake of Prince Philip’s Death

Update: April 10, 2021, 12:30 pm Eastern Standard Time— It’s official: Prince Harry will attend a funeral for his grandfather, Prince phillip, Next Saturday.Buckingham Palace also has his wife Megan Markle, Who Pregnant I will not join him with my second child.

“The Duke of Sussex plans to attend,” a royal spokesman said in a briefing. Man.. “The Duchess of Sussex was advised by her doctor not to travel, so the Duchess will attend.”

On April 9, the couple praised Prince Phillip’s memory. Archewell website.. “In his royal height, Duke of Edinburgh, in the memory of loving 1921-2021,” the homepage reads. “Thank you for your service … you will be greatly missed.”

Original Story: April 9, 2021 —

Prince Phillip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II Died at the age of 99It was reported that Prince Harry, Philip’s grandson, visited England to support his family and probably attended some kind of monument.

Harry has been in the United States since March 2020 after him and his wife. Megan Markle, Retreated from his position as an active member of the royal family and made an official and permanent move in early 2021. interview To Oprah Winfrey about the issue, especially racism, they cited the British press as a major source of stress they faced while in the UK and contributed to Markle’s mental health struggle. They currently live in Southern California and are hoping for a girl to be their second child this summer.

The rest of the royal family reportedly Disappointed Some of the comments made in Opla’s interview are not the only ones that distinguish them. Of course, pandemics make traveling abroad dangerous and complicated.

According to government guidelines, travelers are required to self-quarantine for 10 days after arriving in the UK, Daily mail Report The five-day and negative tests also meet current standards. According to their sources, “Harry will do his best to return to England and be with his family. He only wants to be there for his family, especially his grandmother, during this terrible time. . “

“Meghan is clearly pregnant and needs advice from her doctor about whether it’s safe to travel, but I’m sure Harry will go,” a source added.

Megan and Harry say they are worried about the color of their son Archie’s skin after a royal family member gets media attention. Clarification It was not Prince Phillip who made the insensitive remarks.That was also Unclear Philip, who was ill for weeks before his death, was completely informed of the situation regarding Sussex and their interviews.

Prince Harry Will Return to England in the Wake of Prince Philip’s Death Source link Prince Harry Will Return to England in the Wake of Prince Philip’s Death

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