Prince Andrew to Face Sexual Assault Accuser In Court

It’s a scandal year for the British royal family, just as dust has finally begun to settle. Oprah Interview with Megan MarkleThe considerable controversy is about to be diminished by proceedings that threaten to bring the entire agency to trial.

Prince Andrew, the son of Queen Elizabeth and the brother of Prince Charles, has long been a tabloid feed abroad.

In America, after marrying Sarah Ferguson, we almost forgot about him. Andrew was linked to Jeffrey Epstein It has been shown to be a regular customer of the infamous rapist’s private jet.

Andrew resigned From his role as a senior member of the family in 2019, and his royal relatives, he hoped that many accusations of sexual assault against the age of 61 would disappear with him.

It’s not happening.

Andrew is currently facing a civil lawsuit from a woman named Virginia Roberts Giuffre. He claims to have forced him to have sex three times between 1999 and 2002.

Now, arguably a nightmare scenario for the royal family, Juffle’s proceeding was brought to trial and the proceedings began on Monday.

according to People magazine, Virtual Hearing was held yesterday, but Andrew was not present.

There is no big surprise as the prince is doing his best to avoid being involved in the trial in any way.

Until recently, he was successfully hiding from a process server that couldn’t issue a subpoena because he couldn’t find Andrew.

The cat and mouse game ended on August 27, when Andrew finally received the subpoena.

Andrew and Virginia

Jufre is an American and has filed a proceeding in New York City.

However, despite the fact that the virtual hearing eliminated the need for intercountry movement, Andrew was still not in the proceedings.

“I think it’s clear that Prince Andrew is actually informing about this complaint and procedure,” Juffle’s lawyer David Boyes told Judge Lewis Kaplan of the Federal District Court for the Southern District of New York.

Despite the prince’s absence, Andrew’s legal team came out with all his might for the hearing.

“But we believe this is an unfounded, infeasible and potentially illegal proceeding filed by the plaintiff against the Duke,” said Andrew’s lawyer.

“There was a settlement agreement that plaintiffs settled in a previous proceeding, freeing the Duke and others from all potential liability.”

Prince Andrew

Yes, they claim Andrew’s innocence and at the same time demand that the previous settlement be opened to prove that Jufre was rewarded.

There is nothing suspicious about it!

In a statement issued to People last month, Jufre revealed that she wasn’t chasing Andrew’s money, but wanted a bit of justice to be offered instead.

“I’m responsible for what Prince Andrew did to me. The strong and rich aren’t exempt from being held accountable for their actions,” she told the outlets.

“I hope that other victims understand that it is impossible to live in silence and fear, but that they can regain their lives by speaking and demanding justice. . “

“The filing of this complaint proves that no one in the United States is beyond the law, regardless of power, privilege, or even prince, and that all perpetrators of abuse should be held liable. “We do,” says Jufre’s lawyer, Sigrid McColley.

Virginia Jufre

Meanwhile, Andrew continues to deny his encounter with Juffle.

“I have no memory of meeting this woman. It never happened,” he said in a 2019 interview.

So Andrew claims that he had previously settled with Jufureh, even though he had never met her.

The Queen is very nervous this week.

Prince Andrew to Face Sexual Assault Accuser In Court Source link Prince Andrew to Face Sexual Assault Accuser In Court

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