Primary care outreach boosts COVID-19 vaccination rates

Primary care PCP use of electronic mail and text messages increases COVID-19 immunization rates among Black and Latino adults, according to a study published online 17 for June a JAMA Network Open.

Tracy A. Lieu, MD, MPH, from Kaiser Permanente Northern California in Oakland, and colleagues authorized 8,287 Latino and Black people (age 65) who did not receive COVID-19 immunization to secure electronic mail and / or delivering a message. from their PCP, such as delivering a message with additional custom features, or routine monitoring.

The researchers found that delivering custom-tailored PCP resulted in higher COVID-19 injection rates following routine care follow-up (24.0 and 21.7 percent; risk factor, 1.22), as well as standard delivery. by PCP (23.1 percent; risk assessment, 1.17). ). Vaccination during follow-up is more common among people who are Black (risk-adjusted, 1.19), have a low-risk area (risk-adjusted, 1.17), and have a moderate to high risk (moderate risk, 1.19).

“As much as manya be unvaccinated, information and invitation from PCPs and others may continue to play an important role in improving the number of vaccines, ”the authors write.

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Tracy A. Lieu et al, The Impact of Electronic Phones and Letters from Primary Care Doctors for COVID-19 Immunization and Major Latino, JAMA Network Open (2022). DOI: 10.1001 / jamanetworkopen.2022.17004

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Primary care outreach boosts COVID-19 vaccination rates Source link Primary care outreach boosts COVID-19 vaccination rates

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